Columbia Medallian

David F Martin /

I've got an '81 Columbia Medallian top tank that I started fixing up last year, then set aside because it needs some cables. If I remember correctly, it has a Sachs engine.

I've got a friend who owns a bicycle shop that can probably fix me up with the cables. This would be an extra bike, for my kids to play with, or in case my Honda ever lays down (not likely!).

I took the plastic tank off and cleaned it, replaced the fuel lines, installed an inline shutoff and an inline filter. Took the carb apart, and it was full of this yellowish chalky stuff. I scraped it all out, cleaned out everything with carb cleaner and WD40 and compressed air.

My question is, has anyone ever had a carb this dirty, and then gotten it to work right?

I'd like to make this project as cheap as possible. I don't like this bike as much as I do my '87 Elite, but top tank mopeds are starting to grow on me, and it would be fun to have an extra bike around.



>>My question is, has anyone ever had a carb this dirty, and then gotten it to work right?<<

Hadda soak it repeatedly and use compressed air, but eventually I did get the sucker clean.

Too bad the dillwad I cleaned it for ran straight gas (no oil) and seized the motor 3 days later.

Soak and Blast, man... Soak and Blast.

It's doable.



As long as its clean and its got no wholes in it I would think it would work just fine

Re: Yep.

No mater the condition you can salvage it. I have brough back carbs that were not even recognizable as carbs back to life. Soaking with carburetor acid bath and blowing out with compressed air , even cleaning with dremmel tools. I do a lot of restoration work where we clean carbs and such with Vibratory tumblers or media blasting.

Chris MWH

Re: Yep.

David F Martin /

The carb looked pretty clean when I got done with it. Got the slide working well, using liberal amounts of WD40. The bike has compression and spark, but I never put gas in the bike, because it needs brake cables and tubes, so I've never heard it run.

There are some good looking Columbias in the photos section of this site, but no top tank models like mine. Quality-wise, it looks pretty cheesy compared to the Japanese bikes I'm accustomed to. Still, if it runs, that would be pretty cool.


Re: Yep.

Ben Hunter /

My dad had a 1977 Suzuki TS125 that has been stored in my garage since 1980. He did not drain the fule, when I opened the float bowl it seemed like it was full of maple suryp. I soaked it in carb cleaner ane shined it up real nicely and put it back on. I cleaned the oil injecter and it started right up. I did not have to wory about the tank beacuse it was stainless steel. Now it runs great.

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