Intake and Exaust

I recently took the engine out of my 1999 kinetic TFR. I know have the cylinder off and everything exposed except for the crank case hehe. My first queston is how does the smaller side of the crakcase come off (oppisite the fan). I have taken all thenuts off and all the bolts that help the cylinder on and in place. My next question is has anyone ever polish and the exaust and intake valves, would it make any kind of difference? Now for my last question, my piston has some scoring on it, i beleive it is from when the kids I got the ped from drove it with only gas in it, its not that bad but i was just kind of curious what this did to performance or is it hurting the cylinder. Thanks for the help

Ross R

Re: Intake and Exaust

Don't do it!

To properly disassemble the engine, you must remove the flywheel, Remove the other side of the crankcase and everything behind it, then the small side.

But if your engine runs well, there's no reason to go into the lower end. There's nothing ther that needs attention. Put the bolts back in and let it be.

BTW, two strokes don't have valves.


Re: Intake and Exaust

Yea i realized the valves mess up after i wrote it and entered it. Ports, i think is the right word. About the crank, case i have taken the nuts off, but the bolts are still in there. I have a problem though, 2 of the bolts won't come out past the surface.

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