Tuning Honda Pa50 Camino

Robin Van der Velden /

"-I'm tuning an old PA50 that I got for free. If there is anyone outthere who has experience with tuning these mopeds, let me know, maybe you can give me some advise....<p>SPECS: 70cc Polini H2o liquid cooled<br> Malossi 20 mm carb<br> Tuned va"

Re: Tuning Honda Pa50 Camino

fouk you

Re: Tuning Honda Pa50 Camino

Steven De Smedt /

Your Polini H2O for sale?

Re: Tuning Honda Pa50 Camino

Steven....first time poster I see. Welcome. But as you will likely hear again, the post you replied to is nearly 20 years old.

That said, there may well be a current user who has a new or used water cooled topend for sale if you search and/or inquire via the Buy/Sell forum.

There are a number of retailers as well that you may be familiar with treatland.tv doscycles.com 1977mopeds.com and others (edited)

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