70cc Big Bore kit for Tomos.

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Where can I purchase a 70cc Big Bore kit for my brand new 2002 Tomos LX, and should I wait for my 70cc Big Bore kit before I let a machine shop shave .020" off the head next to the piston?


Re: 70cc Big Bore kit for Tomos.

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Re: 70cc Big Bore kit for Tomos.

just make sure you dont buy your bigbore kit from a local moped shop. the kits they sell there are the "eurocylinder kits" they are actually made in tiawan and are total shit.

talk to mopedwarehouse about a kit, he will set you up with somthing good

Re: 70cc Big Bore kit for Tomos.

I see no reason why you couldn't go ahead and shave the head. It's a lot easier to afford. Before you shave the head, do two speed tests. First time your 0-25 mph. The second test would be top speed. Make a mental note of the wind conditions. After shaving the head (or any single modification) do the tests again using the same streach of road. I for one would be interested in the results.

Re: 70cc Big Bore kit for Tomos.

That is true. Check out our site. It is temporarily moved to the following URL www.mopedshop.com .Can do you for 10 % off those listed prices.

Milling the head wont hurt at all. If you go to far milling ( and begin to have preignition or interference with the piston) you will have to add head gaskets to bring it back closer to stock.

Re: 70cc Big Bore kit for Tomos.

Chris, what would you recommend to shave off so that there will be no need to use head gaskets and still increase performance?


Re: 70cc Big Bore kit for Tomos.

That is impossible to say as each machine is a different case. It is a trial and error tye of thing.

Chris MWH

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