Time for a manuals/schematics section ... Simon


I have collected a bunch of the wiring schematics and stuff that has been posted here over the past year. Just in the past few days there have been 3 or 4 wiring schematics posted. After a few months people kind of forget that they were posted, and it becomes difficult to find them.

I know you mentioned making a manuals section before, has anything happened? I think that maybe if you moved fred's guide to the manuals section, people would be more likely to find it themselves, and less simple questions would end up in the forum.

I have attatched a peugeot wiring diagram multiple times, under slightly different names because when you click search all dates there are like lots of matches, so its very hard to find the original. I suppose that I could just link to the original page if I saved it, and I know its taking up your server's space, but I guess I'm lazy, and I don't really want to do an intensive search.

Thanks for keeping up the site


Re: Time for a manuals/schematics section ... Simo

and if dominoes would show up with my pizza, I'd be even happier


Re: Time for a manuals/schematics section ... Simo

The manuals section is still going to happen - it's a winter project. I like the idea of the schematics being added, and Fred's guide too.

I really haven't forgotten about this - and a new account that's been created by my hosting provider is going to help out with allowing us to do it at a lower monthly cost than expected. They have a new account that is in-between the one we have now, and what used to be the next higher.

Good suggestion that we use the schematics that have been posted already to the forum.


Re: Time for a manuals/schematics section ... Simo

I recently purchased a 1965 Motobecane D52. The lights were'nt working and I had no idea what to do about it because there are no schematics for this kind of thing anywhere on the web that I know of. I eventually just sat down and traced out all of the wires and made my own schematic. It turned out that the Horn/Brake light and Main lighting circuits were reversed by some previous owner.

I would be happy to save someone else a couple of hours and post the schematic that I made.

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