Honda trike

gyros were sweet,but check this out

Chris Bodnar /

i always wanted one.they are hard to find these days.anyways check out this batavus trike i found on ebay

Sweet... but he wants too much.

For a non-runner POS, he's askin a damn lot, $160 shipping, and the price at $100 (Total $260) or so with "reserve not met", forget it... for that you can buy a runnin moped.

Although it would be a way to get your hands on one of those Pryer rear ends, which is what it has.


Re: Sweet... but he wants too much.

Chris Bodnar /

yeah not to mention his reserve of $1000...whats up with the rear end?

Re: Sweet... but he wants too much.


I didn't know that the Gyros had the Pryer differential!

I can almost BET you that the Honda dealer here in town has a gyro still in the damned crate.

This guy has bike from the 70s that are still in the crates, and parts like you wouldn't believe.

I'm going to call him and see if he has any of those rears.

Looks like we may be able to dupe it afterall.

Re: Sweet... but he wants too much.

David F Martin /

Trike's talking about the Batavus trike having the Pryer rear end, not the Honda Gyro. Different creature altogether.


Re: Sweet... but he wants too much.

Ah... haha. I should read a bit better I guess.

I thought that was a bit strange!

Haha ... That's what I get for sleeping for 2 hours last night... erhhh

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