Using a moped for camera work...

I've just been wondering...

I'm working on a few different project for my video production stuff.

I'm thinking that the Puch would be PERFECT for a mobile platform to get some great shots of moving traffic, running animals, wind angle pans of scenery, etc.

I've already worked out a mount that bolts onto the rear rack or the handlebars, using some stuff I had left over from a robotic arm I built in high school, and an old tripod mount I dug up.

I'll have to take some pictures of the setup and digitize the video I shot the other day. Looks great....

I'm thinking my Metro would be better for more stable shots, as I could have a small "bean bag" mount up on the wider front fender to get some super low ground shots. The Puch is awesome for fast turns and such though because it handles better.

Re: stereo video

If you are into stereoscopic video, there is a gadget called nu-view that allows you to make 3-d videos on your camcorder. Liquid crystal shutter glasses are used with a tv to watch the video in 3-d. It would be great to do 3-d video on a moped. The units are still expensive but used ones show up on the auction sites sometimes for a good price.


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