maybe not such silly posts?

with reference to the recent post regarding "childish posts", has anybody thought that these people may just be trying to be sociable?

think about it..... life isnt all about mopeds, other things happen you know.

ive participated in other forums and OT messages happen as a regular thing..... some silly, some not.

maybe this does illustrate the need for a chat room to be setup, or arranged, i dunno, but i come to this forum for a number of reasons, one of which is to have a laugh.

Andy :)

Re: maybe not such silly posts?

Its not the coversational threads that are causing the problem. It is the senseless overposting of either bogus material or lame attempts to bump a message to the top that I was upset about. Like Trike said, for the past few weeks, these guys have caused more problems on the forum than any other person in the years that it has been around.

Re: maybe not such silly posts?

Agreed - conversational OT messages I can live with, and even like every once in a while. It's the fact that these posts have been often without any merit, seeming more to be just childish behavior than genuine attempts at discussion.


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