1977 Puch jcpenney pinto

I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge about this type of moped.

thanks ahead of time

Re: 1977 Puch jcpenney pinto

It's a Puch single speed in a "custom" frame, sold only by JC Penney back in the good old days when they also sold guns.

Sears had a Puch they sold as a "Free Spirit" during this time also.

Check the moped pictures in moped.org for one. Also check eBay, were some have popped up occassionally.


Re: 1977 Puch jcpenney pinto

moped warehouse of New Jersey /

They were nice mopeds. heres an interesting story about them. About 3 months ago I contacted JCpennys customer service dept on a hunch and iquired about any left over dead stock. They Had no I idea that they even delt with mopeds. I gave them a few part numbers and they were in their computer. They did not have much less than 1/2 a pick up truck but we were able to buy out the remaining stock from them. You should have seen the look on the guys faces at the warehouse when we picked them up. They had it all in wooden crates and were using them as a lunch/poker table for the last 20 years.


The Moped WareHouse


Re: 1977 Puch jcpenney pinto

Congratulations, Chris!

I'm glad they didn't end up in a landfill.


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