Biturbo: 2 pc. vs. 1 pc.

What is the difference? I hear they both work fine on Tomos, what is the benefit of having a one or two piece?

Re: Biturbo: 2 pc. vs. 1 pc.

the two piece wont fit a tomos,....the one pieces are for tomos and the 2 piece is for puch...the one piece is much better...even with a weld on a two piece,,,air can still escape

Re: Biturbo: 2 pc. vs. 1 pc.

They do so make 2 piece for the Tomos. Mainly for the speed kits.


Re: Biturbo: 2 pc. vs. 1 pc.

ooo i heard about that but it was from someone very new to moped s so i didnt blieve him..


Re: Biturbo: 2 pc. vs. 1 pc.

Here is the deal.

The puch biturbo is one piece

The tomos biturbo comes in two varieties.

The 1 piece with is for all tomos except colibri and revival(must be modified) that have the original cylinder.

The 2 piece is for those same models that have either the 60 or 70 cc kit. It has a larger diameter header and the pipe comes out at a much different angle that is needed on the speed kits as the exhaust port is on a different angle than the standard cylinder.

Chris MWH

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