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how did they keep u off of the site

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Ben Hunter /

I just did not come back for 15

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

u could have made a new name..just do that next time...

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Listen. I'm getting sick of this too - here are the problem posters:

ben hunter



I have deleted posts by all of you within the last few days. In fact I just deleted some posts by REDROCKETMOPEDRIDER in this thread because they were offensive.

If you actually don't know what you're doing wrong, then here is a good guideline to follow:

Don't post if it's been discussed a lot before, do a search for it first. Adjust the search parameters to include more than just the last 30 days. Add something to an already existing thread if relevant - rather than starting a new one.

Don't make a new thread for no reason. Jake - earlier this week you made a new thread to correct a spelling error in another thread. The threads don't stay together, so why bother. I deleted the extra thread and fixed your spelling error. In the future, just reply within the thread or email me to fix it.

When somebody answers a question for you, don't make a post that just says "thanks". This clutters up the forum and would be best if you just emailed the person directly thanking them.

Post on topic - I've had to delete posts in the moped sightings forum that were totally off topic and turned into nonsense.

* Don't post anything that enters your head. Think about, and maybe combine a couple of thoughts into one post.


Basically - jake, ben, just calm down and start making less posts, in a more intelligent manner. Try not to act like the forum is a chat room - forum posts work differently than IM or chat rooms. Less posts - more info per post, more archival.


Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

As I think about this more, I want to further emphasis the idea of emailing people directly when it's appropriate. There are too many threads on the forum where it's something like "ATTN: Chris MWH" and it would be better if you just emailed that question directly to the person. Or posts telling people to "check their email" - that's just plain clutter.

Evaluate each post as to if it contains some valuable element to a third party. If there is information that could be of help to someone later, or adds something to the archive of knowledge, then it makes good post. If it's "dude, meet at the park tonight", then it's probably better in an email.



Simon, consider making the default search "all dates" and "last 30 days" an option.

(I swore to myself I wasn't going to post to this thread, but, I can't seem to control my fingers)

To newbies... READ MORE Post Less

When you need clarification or have a unique question, feel free to post, However, the forum has been being used as a chat room and it is aggrivating me because I try to READ EVERYTHING and post infrequently. I waste a lot of time reading chit chat trying to learn from others.

Re: Simon

The reason that I don't do that is the search area is a large part of the database connection problems we have. The forum is so incredibly large that search through all of it takes a good deal of time, and that requires a database connection to be kept open the whole time.

The error that comes up quick often about "max_user_connection" has to do with too many people connected to the database at once - and this usually means too many people are doing searches at once.

It's a catch 22 because the search is a great feature, but the overload of doing it actually blogs down the site. I'm considering splitting part of the older archives into a sperate forum that can be viewed but not posted to - and you'd have to search it in a different form. I'd rather not do that, but we're over 60,000 posts - that's a hell of a lot of text.


Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Fred Melonhead /

haha ... I just saw something on another forum yesterday that I though was interesting.

When they click on the 'post' button ... the box to write the post comes up...... but ... immediately .. a small box pops up and asks ... "did you use the 'search' to check the archives for previous answers to this question?" ... and the person has to click 'yes' before the box will dissappear .. and they can ask their question.

It doesn't STOP them from asking dumb/childish questions ... but it definitely makes them think twice.

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Hi folks I'm a bit of a lurker here, so let me say I am not trying to piss anyone off but why don't some of the folks that post the most help Simon out with the FAQ... much like the way Fred s guide has helped I have seen "check Fred's guide" as a good answer to a common question. Oh yeah thanks for all the great info folks )

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Ben wrote,

"I dont know why to grown men want to gang up on a 14yr boy."

What Ben does not realize is that he is being scolded for being the naughty child he is.

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

This is a great idea, and one that I plan on implementing. I'm going to set something up where people can submit FAQ questions and answers.


Be bad, get spanked, it's that damn simple!

I had thought this would have been so blatantly and amazingly obvious that no one should have to tell you, Ben, but apparently you have trouble grasping the fact.

You, and your friends, have caused in less than two weeks, more trouble here than previously seen in the existance of this site - it created a situation that required policy changes, and wasted a great deal of a lot of peoples time.

I took action against you, personally, because you, personally - chose to attack something I care about, and the people here had a right to know who you were, if you were going to repeatedly attack this site.

Consider that was a much kinder way of doing things than having Pair Networks file Felony charges against you, which could have been done just as easily.

I had thought we came to an agreement, that you would stand off for 30 days, and not post during that time - but within mere hours you ignored that agreement and were right back at it, in an annoying and disrespectful fashion that has further annoyed forum folks at you considering that most of them had not quite gotten over the previous incident.

Respect is a two way street, and until you learn some, and apply it, you probably won't get any, especially not from people you have severely pissed off - I shouldn't have to explain this to you, but I feel that it is necessary that someone has to do so.

The one thing that stands out above all is the impersonation of other posters, like mopedmaster impersonating Ike in this thread - it's not amusing, it's completely disrespectful, and in a situation where we are tryin to help someone with a problem, potentially disastrous - I'll not tolerate it well, and I don't think anyone else here will either.

If you, and your friends, cannot at least ACT like reasonable human beings, you do not need to be here, and I for one think you have sufficiently abused the privledge to be removed even now - there is more than sufficient cause, and even Simon's patience is not eternal.

As for "ganging up on" - when you piss off a LOT of people, and some of them take issue with you about it, you have no one to blame but yourself.


Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Jason Langrehr /

That is pitiful. Jake is impersonating Ike. I didnt notice it at first, but found it strange ike would say such a thing. SO the kid was basicly argueing with himself. Makes me wonder about his whole "cousin" thing. But i am sure his cousin just came on and read through forum and decided he should impersonate ike. That is the only reasonable answer right? I THINK NOT. I also am getting fed up with this stupid stuff. So the kid claims its because he is 14 and not "fitting in" Well newsflash, for those of you who dont know im 15. I just turned 15. You dont see me screwing around making posts that waste the forum. Ill chime in now and then, i read alot, answer some. But im civilized. I would assume this kid just started high school and if he has problems fitting in than he has more problems than just internet ettiqete(dunno how to spell it properly). And i know if he tried this stupid stuff at school, at least mine, its called harassment, the both of them. Some of the bad language would be considered sexual harassment no matter and they would be suspended while investigated, with possible expulsion. They really crack down on this stuff at schools. So i feel this isnt some social problem he has. Just a case of immature children or careless parents. Whichever. You do know all you guys who make these posts then try to redeem yourself by making up some bogus story now are showing you made them up. Ben H. sorry to tell ya pal but that was the shortest 15 days off i have seen. More like 15 hours. I remember you being on 3 days later making up stories of how someone or another is watching you. And the cousin thing is only good to redeem yourself in instant message when you say dumb stuff and dont want the person to know it was you. On here it wont cut it. This site isnt a right, they arent obligated to provide us with such a nice place to hang out online, but they do. Man my theory is TBS(think before speaking) or EBBS(engage brain before speaking) so think about this before you type the bs. And if you feel since your so "young" you cant be responsable for what you type, close the internet right now and dont come back. You arent a child, you need to be responsable for your actions

Jake posted this!! Not this Ike!

Jake, Why are you playing the same silly game that Ben Hunter plays??????????

The real IKE !!!

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

well said....

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