Tired of the Childish Posts...

This forum is being cluttered by all the childish posts by Ben Hunter and friends. Its getting OLD quick, and while most of the recent posts by him aren't so bad, the excessive "bump" posts by Jake are ridiculous.

Crappy posts build up after a while and its really starting to erk me.

Simon, you do an awesome job and take a lot of time to keep this forum going. You've put so much into this, and I don't think these guys respect that...'

Just my opinion- think before you post. If the post insn't needed, don't do it. It clutters up the board.

I'm guilty of it to, as many of us get into more ralaxed posts, but don't post 5 messages just to bump it up to the top...

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

sorry man..didnt mean to make u mad...........


Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Dan Webber Kastner /

I agree that some of the latest posts have not been of the highest caliber. I wonder if it is purposely irrelevant though. I reccomend that if you have a question, do a search for it first. We have discussed so many topics already that it is very likely that has already been touched on. Don't stop thinking about what you can add though. I don't want to scare people away from posting for fear of sounding stupid. We are working on a Faq that could help in answering questions.



Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

i already did a search for that and nothing came up

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Agreed Dan!

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

wow !!!! u guys r posting some pretty dumb posts right now

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

I didn't notice jakes bumping. I was bored last week, and I planned on going back a few months and bumping everything with more than 50 posts to the top--- but, I thought it would be a little rude, and I held back...

I might do it when things are slow... get all the massive posts up front.

No offense, Ben, but I've been skipping your posts, because of all the spam we had, then you saying you were banned for 30 days, then posting up a storm.

I did see Ben's "Anyone here" post--- this isn't a chat room--- but if simon doesn't care... I don't care.... we've talked about chat rooms before---a conversation thread doesn't seem like that big a deal.

I haven't noticed too much crap---I get all wound up about the "OT" threads when they're around--- so I didn't notice the clutter.

Ben-- I was a kid not too long ago-- I did a lot of stupid things--- In fact, I think I'm pretty lucky to have made it to 31..... so no hard feelings--- If I don't think a thread has content, I skip it--- (as Fred skips some of mine--!)

Boot, What ones were bugging you? It does seem like Ben's posts are a little low on content, but---on the other hand, he's a kid trying to fit in with other mopeders---maybe he's not used to a forum or a bunch of hardened moped riders----a lot of us have been in the slow lane for 5 years or more...a few screws might jiggle loose----

But, like Boot says: Ben, if it's not a new idea or something important--- add it to an existing thread--- or wait till your idea comes around.... there were other recent posts about moped racing--- your 'cannonball' run post would have fit in great there--- and it would 'centralize' information about moped racing---easier for future searchers if threads grow instead of fragmenting.

Don't think I'm singling out you and jake. I brought Monkey Boy here, and he was posting about "BoB" in a post about puch headlights or something....he's a good kid--smart too--- just has a lot on common with an untrained monkey---

For example--- you could bring jared to dinner--- and after--- you realize, you could have substutited a wild monkey and achieved equal or better results.

At least when an ape is swinging from the chandelier....people assume it's a monkey--- escaped from a zoo or something... with Jared, it's harder to explain. He's like 24 now, and I'm always amazed at how much damage he can do within moments of entering our home.....

things tip over, get spilled--- he races for the food, eats like an animal never fed before....breaks controllers.....touches computers "can I check my e-mail?" next thing you know, complete drive failure....

Coincidence...or an untrained monkey with bad luck?

I did mention he dumped a mint 1982 qt-50 a few feet from a stop sign...."it had too much power for me".

Oh well..... kids are kids. At least he's on a moped.

But---like they always tell the kids: "Grow Up!!"

you don't want to be 24, and still learning basic social skills---ask monkey boy.


Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Ben Hunter /

Could someone give me an exaple of a dumb post I have made in the last to weeks.

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Ike, Your post was made before mine, but I thought the thread had some decent info----

you were probably kidding, and it flew right over my head.

I think the question is---is Ben sincere, and just wants to fit in, and be one of the crew....not sure how to go about fiting in...

or is he trying to clutter the forum...? I can't say--- after all the crap everyone gave him, he's still coming around--- I mean--- his phone number was posted! that's scary--- If I weren't serious about mopeds, and people from out of state started calling me-- I'd get the heck out of dodge---so to speak.

no harm no foul--- I thought Dan's site had a nice sneak preview of something that may be implemented---a FAQ section to go along with "Fred's Guide"

"Newbies Info"

1. where to find info

2. forum etiquette

3. cool features the site has

4. F.A.Q. (including "What is Fred's Guide")

5. Freds Guide

that way, a newb could have a concept of fuel/spark/compression and a diagram of basic moped parts and names of parts...the info you need to provide to get good Tech help....

that's important stuff. You'd go directly to that page after you registered to be a valid user..... chances are they would get themselves better results and save the forum some questions so we can argue with each other about tires and gearing..... if oil is really oil..... mods, serrious weird problems, etc.

Just ideas, but I like what dan said. Lots of newbs could use a 'debriefing' before entering the trenches.


Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

I think that would really do some good. The FAQ has been needed for quite some time.

It just goes to show how popular this forum is getting.

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Ben Hunter /

Im not just trying to fit in or give you trouble I did not even know I was an Issue.

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Ben Hunter /

Speaking of childish posts I think InfectedBootSector makes a post like this trying to get something started. I like this sight and I like all of you. I consider my self part of THE MOPED ARMY.

Re: Changing the issue..

I thought your cannonball run idea was silly and was a waste of a thread. I'm not being mean, I'm offering my honest opinion.

--- and if you want, I could I could find LOTS info about planned events and races and long distance trips...and the comparison of the K-mazoo race to the cannonball run.

but, going from memory, you were suggesting that a sort of "relay team" made up of two riders each would try to cross long distances while racing on 30mph machines...

okay, sure... good idea--if you're organizing an event in "Bizzarro Superman's" dimension.

My question, as Trike stated--- you claimed to be punished for what you did to the forum. You said 30 days, and claimed your Dad "was watching you type this final post...."

was that a lie? are you disobeying your parents? Do they issue punishment and then forget about it, essentially teaching you that authority is not in charge of you?

I'm not going to look for your childish posts---but you said you were banned/grounded for abusing the forum and then started posting frequently.


Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

This will be my last reply to this post, simply to stop a flame.

Basically, you did some pretty stupid things a few weeks ago.

You had your "fun". Got nailed for it, and supposedly had been repremanded for 30 days.

What happened there?

Am I missing something?

Shouldn't you do the honorable thing and KEEP YOUR WORD?

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Ben Hunter /

Why are Wayne and InfectedBootSector aginst me so bad I did not know having an idea about a long distance trip like that would make them so mad.

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Woah, there cowboy. Boot's being pretty cool-- and he's not trying to start anything--- if anything, he's trying to solve something.

It might not seem like it, but I'm on your side AND giving you the benefit of the doubt. I still have some questions for you--- which I posted.

I can hotlink some of your recent threads---even though I've been skipping them, If Boot says they're silly or clutter, I trust that-- and I'm sure I can explain why they're silly, so you'd be clear on that part.

I'd rather play GT3..... it's cool-- I don't want to go out of my way to hassle you.

Contribute to threads, instead of just starting new ones about crazy "city to city" cannon ball runs.


Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Ben Hunter /

I think I have made up for that by giving some people advice about fixing there mopeds. A post I saw yesterday said we were a gang and we watched out for each other. I dont know why to grown men want to gang up on a 14yr boy.


Ben Hunter /

I contribute to posts every day.

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Wait a second...

I have to chime in one last time on this one...

Playing the "victim" won't get you anywhere with me.

I am NOT ganging up on you...

Hell, if there is one thing you oughta learn before hitting the real world, its that you should keep your word. A person without honor is about as low as it gets.

Pretty harsh words for me, and yes, I do know you have offered advise. I give you that much. I'm not trying to be a thorn in your side, by any means.

Quit playing the victim, and acting like your old enough to have some sense.

I really am done with this now.... I swear...

Enough said. I got my opinion heard, and I hope you take it to heart.

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Ben Hunter /

InfectedBootSector I know you are reading this even if you dont reply. Im sorry and want to be your friend ok I dont have any hard feelings.

Ben Hunter

Ben cannot post for 30 days!

Hey, it's cool-- didn't intend to argure.... I liked dan's ideas--- didn't think Boot was trying to start trouble--- questioned your statement about "30 days"

Thread #1:


".....I had a dream last night that I was listnining to the song Low Rider and every time they ment to say low rider they said moped....."

Thread #2


"....You should have a moped race from TBS in Cinncinati to the Deceptions in Kalamazoo...."

there are so many reasons that is a stupid post--not even going to start.

Thread #3:


"Any One Here"

this is the thread Simon said was clutter.

Thread #4 (zero responses) totally OT...pretty much clutter.


"....why is it safer to weld with DC power then it is to weld with AC power. Any one know......."

Thread #5 (zero responses)


"....Has any one ever run an alternator on a moped.....?"

Ben, there were other threads you started that were quality, and did get responses. But there's some pretty silly stuff included on a regular basis (while you're grounded) Simon had to warn you about clutter.

were you the one that made the "how to make your moped go 100mph?"

Fred spent some time typing a quality response to that thread which was deleted because it was started as a stupid flame. This essentially wasted Fred's time.

Does anyone remember who made that thread? I'd like to know, just for future reference.


Re: Ben cannot post for 30 days!

Ben Hunter /

I did not and im sorry for making those posts I still dont know why asking if any one has run an alternater on a moped was bad.

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

i think u guys should except his appology and let it go past us..its not a big deal..he is just trying to get some moped info...please stop this all ... u r really cluttering it up .

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Ben Hunter /

Im not replying to this post any more Im sorry Wayne and InfectedBootSector I want to keep posting but I will ask my self if its a dumb post first.

One Question <EOM>

Were you grounded for what you did to the forum or not?

Yes? No?

Circle one on your monitor---wait, that would be silly.

Yes or no?

Re: One Question <EOM>

did ben get in alot of trouble for that ???

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Ben Hunter /

yes they cut it to 15 for me.

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Ben Hunter /

Jake do you still want the shirt

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

yes i want the shirt...they cut what to fifteen...did they contact your parents

Re: Tired of the Childish Posts...

Ben Hunter /

know they did not some crazy person posted my phone num.

I had to stay off here for 15 days

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