Stopping and idleing

I am having a problem with stopping and not killing the engine. I have a 76' mobylette, any suggestions...

Re: Stopping and idleing

I had a similar problem for a time and it turned out that to be the little idling screw on the carb had to be adjusted. I don't know where yours would be, as I have a different brand of moped, but if you find it, try turning it a little and then driving it around the block until it seems right. Then again, my mechanical skills are pretty limited, so maybe someone else has more insight into this problem...?

good luck!

Re: Stopping and idleing

Could be a number of things, but Carrie has a good first choice...just be careful not to juice it up so much that it takes off without you...hehe. Seriously, don't turn up the idling so high that it starts to move the ped cuz it's not so good on the transmission in the long run. Give it a whirl and give us a shout back.

Best of luck,


Re: Stopping and idleing

Try running the 'ped on the stand and applying the front brake. If it kills the motor, your stop light bulb is burned out.

This is one of those wierd moped mysteries nobody outside the moped world understands.


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