Tomos Acceleration Regression

Got a Tomos A35, mid nineties and I am using a BiTurbo muffler system. I had noticed a big change since I had first installed the kit, at that time, it would get to 30 in about five seconds, and now it takes a lot longer to get that fast. Also during that time, I had a case where my BOSCH Platium Spark Plug had fouled. I'm guessing the plug caused it to produce excessive carbon to bridge the exhaust port. Is that what happened? Is there another way to restore the acceleration either than decarbonizing the exhaust port, or is that all I need to do?


Re: Tomos Acceleration Regression

1. do a plug chop (cuz you fouled the other one)

2. put a NEW plug in it (bosh are great plugs)

3. change trans fluid

4. clean carb and air filter

5. decarbonize the exhuast port, piston top and head.

good 2 stroke oil cuts down on the carbon inside the motor,

Re: Tomos Acceleration Regression

David F Martin /

Good advice, Chuck. I would only add that a copper Bosch plug is better suited to your application than a platinum plug. The electrode on a platinum plug is much thinner than on a copper plug, and is designed for cleaner running engines.

A copper plug is less likely to foul on you.


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