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Chris Bodnar /

it may be in yoru best interest to sign up for a membership to the Michigan Bikers Association ( http://www.michiganbiker.com/ ).i signed up since i am a motorcyclist.it is totally free..this is some of the benefits which mopeders would be interested in

As a member of the MBA the benefits are many, and best of all, they are FREE OF CHARGE. You will receive the following:

Free membership ID card.

Free 24 hour toll-free number for your use at any time. Should you be involved in an accident, this toll-free number may prove to be invaluable.

Free 24 hour switchboard with any necessary medical information that you provide available to medical personnel.

Free 24 hour switchboard to contact family member or any other person you designate in an emergency situations.

Free Newsletters during the riding season with helpful information to improve your riding, recommendations on riding products, insurance information to assist you in obtaining the proper coverage and a calendar of events taking place in Michigan.

Free attorney consultation.

Possibly the greatest benefit of being a member of the MBA is the availability of 24 hour legal consultation from an attorney who actually does SPECIALIZE in motorcycle accident litigation: with hundreds of satisfied riders to our credit. We offer you what you need.

Should you retain a Michigan Bikers Association attorney, there will be no cost to you unless a money recovery is made. The fee will be contingent upon recovery. If there is no recovery, there will be no fee.


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Dan Webber Kastner /

I signed up. It seems like a great deal. A two wheeled advocasy group that is free to join. I like that fact that they give you free legal counsel if you need it.



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Fred Melonhead /

It actually sounds pretty good.

Be a little bit careful ... I'm not saying this is a bad group or anything like that.

But there is ONE 'group' formed by a lawyer who claims to be a big help for bikers .. and is known all over the country as a scamming jerk who is more likely to rip off the rider than he is to do you any good.

again ... I don't even know if this is that one guys group ...

I have to ask an ABATE menber I know ... about this group.

Re: michigan mopeders read this

i'm w/ fred. i'm always skeptical about things that are free. all that (expensive) help for free? i wonder if there's a catch ...

Re: michigan mopeders read this

Chris Bodnar /

i doubt this is that.im guessing that they fund alot of this stuff through some of their bike rides.like poker runs or something.

it seems good to me though,they give you free advice like lots of lawyers do,except their lawyers specialize in 2 wheeled cases.

i saw these guys at the kalamazoo motorcycle swap meet,and they had a sign up booth that was packed full of people.

which also reminds me,some guy had an old indiana moped at the swap meet for sale for $25,im hoping he comes back next spring with his bikes and that is still there so i can pick it up

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