Texas sucks!

I heard that in Texas moped laws are real strick,that would account of the lack of mopeds i have noticed. are there any moped gangs down south?

Re: Texas sucks!

Re: Texas sucks!

I wonder how many of the 43 are former Enron employees. BTW waht ever happened to Ken Lay the CEO of Enron?

Re: Texas sucks!

Tab Patterson /

I'm in Texas and it was pretty easy to get mine on the road. If anything, New Jersey is one of the toughest places to get a moped on the road. The laws in Texas are pretty standard...but I am more afraid of Texas drivers with all the SUVs and pickups around here.


Re: Texas sucks!

Yes, Texas does suck, especially for mopeds. We just have too much area that has nothing on it.

as for hard to register a moped, the only pain is trying to register a non-titled moped with the bonded title procedure. It's a 8 step process, including getting it appraised, and getting a surety bond.

It's really not that bad, untill you try and find a shop that will appraise it for you.

Of course there are several states that you just have to say"it's a moped" and that is all. So, compared to absolutly nothing, it is bad here.

Re: Texas sucks!

Tab Patterson /

I just told them that I owned my moped as a teenager and had it in a shed...they just said, Oh...OK and issued me a title. I laughed at how easy it was for me. I guess I got lucky!

Texas Title

I lost the title on my bike and want to get it registered does anyone know how id do it

Re: Texas sucks!

We have a lot of Texans up here in the northwest. I think they're up here to keep an eye on Alaska. They want to make sure it doesn't split in two and make Texas the third largest state.

Re: Texas Title


Re: Texas Title

Its says you need a copy of the insurance,but how can you get insurance without a title?

Re: Texas Title

You're right. It does ask for insurance if you click on "1987 and older vehicles". Click on the "1992 and older vehicles".

It only costs $75 that way.

Fill out this form.


And fill out this one and have it notarized.


Then enclose a check for the amount on this table


And send it in! I had my title in two weeks.

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