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I was thinking some one could make a map with diffrent moped districts or zones.

Thank You

Ben Hunter

Re: Districts

The white zone is for loading and unloading only.

Cincinnati is TBS's zone, Kzoo is the Decepticon's zone, etc.

I would like to have a map on my wall, with like flags in it where branches are. Something like that.

Re: Districts

Actually, a plan of mine is to create a dynamic map of the Moped Owners Directory, updated in real time as people add themselves to the database. It would be sort of a cluster map of moped owners.

I would probably limit it to just USA for technical reasons.


Re: Districts

Ben Hunter /


Re: Districts

I'd try to divvy the states up too, just because there are range issues, especially when trying to set up a ride.

BUT that'll make the map HUGE data-wise.

Re: Districts

that's a great idea simon. i would really like to see that happen..............paul

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