cannot get spark on my jawa supreme

i have a 1982 jawa supreme and i can't get a spark on either on of my 2 spark plugs i tried the bosch one and the champion one but i can't see a spark when i pedal. can anyone help????

i was thinking maybe it is my coil or my little black box with 4 little points sticking out i really need any info on something i can try.

cannot get spark on my jawa supreme


Re: cannot get spark on my jawa supreme

Ben Hunter /

You should check the simplest things first. My Puch stoped sparking and I was ready to take the fly wheel off and every thing then I realized there was a little peice of carbon or somthing between my points. Go from simplest thing to hardest. For example, if your Moped wouldnt start you would most likley see if there is gas in the tank before rebuilding the carb. I have noticed people I know taking there hole engine apart and relizing they needed a spark plug or something.

Ben Hunter

Re: cannot get spark on my jawa supreme

There are no points in a jawa, so I too would have to say coil, take the coil to a shop and have them test it.

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