Tuff wheels

I tell ya guys, I just got blown off the road and into a pothole...and I mean a HUGE pothole. I knew i was gonna hafta carry my beast home cuz i swear i heard the rim bottom out on the asphalt. I kept ridin and was waiting for the air to slowly fizzle out, but didn't. I got home and checked it all out and everything was fine. Damn these little bitches (no offense to the women riders/readers out there) are tough.

I dunno how you guys up north can stand to ride in the cold. I'm fairly south in NC and I freeze my kahunas off just going to work. I've convinced my boss that it's better to start at 9 rather than 8 am...brrr. And if any of those EPA jerks wanna whine about global warming, let them head out on a ped at 8 am in 24 degree weather and about a 15 mph headwind...

Froze and bitter, yet fairly impressed,


Re: Tuff wheels

Yes, I'm always impressed by how tough mopeds can be. I once spilled myself across half of the business loop of I-94 in Kalamazoo. Lucky I wasn't hit by any cars. But my moped was still running. I just got back on, and rode away.

Re: Tuff wheels

Reeperette /

>>I dunno how you guys up north can stand to ride in the cold.<<

Snowmobile suit and a set of brass cojones, is a good place to start as any....


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