Speed Bore Kits?

i was wondering if it is a good idea to buy a speed bore kit. How much do these bore kits cost, what do they consist of, how fast/more power will i get, and in your opinion is it worth it? Thanx for your help

Re: Speed Bore Kits?

There are a few different kits for the Puch. Most shops in the US only carry one style of Taiwanese kit. I have many kit set ups by Athena, Eurocylinder, autisa, Biturbo, Polini Coming in stock soon I hope. There are also different intake manifolds carburetor s, exhausts, air filters, sprockets that can be installed depending on what type of performance you are looking for. Give us an Idea of the type of riding you want to do and what your expectations are. Top speed? Mid range grunt? Hill climber? Around town cruiser?

Chris MWH

Re: Speed Bore Kits?

polini is the best bore kit for puch, with a 15mm carb, high flow filter and proma exhaust....that set up is the shit

Re: Speed Bore Kits?

i am looking for a street moped with good accelleration and fast top speed, for not too much money

Re: Speed Bore Kits?

Tab Patterson /

I gotta agree. I am more than pleased with the set up that Chris built for me at his shop. It can do all of the above with only 1 gear! This guy is good.....

Re: Speed Bore Kits?

Yep, id have to agree hands down. My fuel economy still hasnt suffered. My ped has reached about 9500 miles tho, and my connecting rod has thrown the bearing. Time for a total rebuild.

I love the polini kit, i wish they were still avaiable for everyone, but the athena kit's rip it up too!

Re: Speed Bore Kits?

I've had really good luck with my Eurocilindro Kit... it was less expensive, came with a nice carb, and is of a high quality.

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