cheap throttles from Nothern Tool

Avoid these cheap throttles from Northern Tool (see attached photo). At $9.99 they were a bargain, but there's too much internal friction for them to return to idle position by the carb's spring. They'd work nicely if you had an application where you could put a real strong spring in the line.

-Mike (MA)


Re: cheap throttles from Nothern Tool

This is true those are junk. If your looking for an awesome mini bike throttle. (Not usually recommened for mopeds as they do not have integrated brake levers or brake light switches) I have the Tomaselli Speed throttles in stock. They have a large cam inside that accelerates the pull ratio so full throttle is applies with only about 1/8 of a twist. It comes with grips and an adjustable pinch bolt so you can use it with any style throttle cable. Twice as much money as this northern but works great.

Chris MWH

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