WHOA! Just looked at the weather map!

SHEESH! There goes my riding to work for a while. I'd have to travel too many main roads to risk it,I'm afraid. I may still get a little ride in before it hits,though. AND ALSO, I got a 110 mile ride in Yesterday! Beautiful weather and the Sebring hit on all cylinders.OH,WAIT! It only HAS one cylinder! Well,it runs like a V-8 Ford anyhow! You guys that CAN,get out there and make `em envious! I can't post from work unless there's an e-mail address attached to the posts I have designated to come to my mail,so I'll see ya' when I see ya',guys/gals! Take care! don-ohio (:^)

Re: WHOA! Just looked at the weather map!

Kevin Rindler /

Hey don I got about 2 inches of snow plus the roads are ice coverd so the kids get a free day no school for them. If only I could get the day off we could go sledding or take the 4 wheeler out and play. Kevin

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