'85 Motomarina Sebring (my pic)

Another Sebring drool pic. I actually like the red/white/blue look better, but this baby is pretty damn clean. This weekend will bring this bike a new seat cover, Polini 60cc kit, larger carb, better exhaust. Eventually I may change the rear sprocket. I like the Cat-Eye turn signal kit on this one, even if it is intermittent.



Re: '85 Motomarina Sebring (my pic)

Wanna Race?

Re: '85 Motomarina Sebring (my pic)

GREAT-LOOKING bike,Kris! It's like my looking out into the garage at my newest one! Gets me MOTORVATED!!! Vroooom! Vroooooooooom!!! I set your pic as `wallpaper on my PC! YES!! Enjoy,Kris! You will love it! And e-mail me with any questions you might have. See ya,Kris! don-ohio (:^D

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