Power pipe for QT50

I need to pass my buddy and his Butavis, He leaves me on the straights, I catch him on the hills.


1 I want a power pipe for my 1984 Yamaha QT50, Dose anyone have one?

2 Is there another name for this bike accross the pond?

3 Is it the same engine as the 2001 PW50 mini dirt bike?

This is a shaft drive automatic 50cc moped. You can see one under pictures, Yamaha, QT50 on this site.

Thanks in advance,


Re: Power pipe for QT50

david f martin /

Hey Brian,

I also have an '84 QT50 (also called a Yamahopper). In fact, the pic of the red one with all the accessories and the ugly dude standing behind it is mine...

I've done lots to mine to try to get it to go faster... Drilled holes in the aircleaner, tried different sized jets, replaced the stock muffler with a VW tailpipe... The thing that made the most improvement was taking the cylinder off and cleaning the ports.

From what I understand, the CDI ignition limits the speed to 35 or so, so I'm not sure you can get it to go faster than that. I'd like to try playing with the timing, when I figure out an easy way to do it.

One of the mechanics at the local Yamaha shop told me that the drivetrain on the PW50 is indeed the same, and if you look at one closely, you'd probably agree. I don't know if parts are interchangeable, but it sure looks like it bolts up the same way.

If you need a manual for it, check Ebay. That's where I found mine, and I saw another one there recently.

The stock muffler has been discontinued and is no longer available thru Yamaha. You may have to buy a Biturbo for another brand and modify it for your QT. That's what I plan to do, when funds permit. Or, you may be able to use an exhaust from a PW50, but I'm pretty sure the frame mounts are different.

Where are you at? I'm in Greenville, SC... Let me know if I can be of any assistance...


Re: Power pipe for QT50

Thanks Dave

I'm in Boston MA, Too far away for the QT50 although I did make it in 14hrs onec on my CBR900RR, With only one ticket.

I will assume the PW50 has the same motor, get a pipe for that and make it fit.

I will let you know how I get on.

Anyone know where I can get a pipe for a Yamaha PW50??


Re: Power pipe for QT50

david f martin /

Something that occurred to me... Sometimes rich folks buy these little dirt bikes so thier kids can race them... Maybe there are performance parts for the PW50 that aren't sold as "Yamahopper upgrades" (y'know, legalities and all that stuff, besides, the QT has been out of production for 10 years or so)...

Don't really know, just a thought. Maybe I'll check on that tomorrow, if I think about it...


Re: Power pipe for QT50

Well Yes there are... But there are problems with that... And that is that the PW50's are generally used for classes in which modifications are not allowed.

And the bikes get protested if it looks too fast... so the mods are not very well known and mostly you have to "do it yourself".

Though I am sure there must be a pipe for them.... from somewhere.

Call a bike shop and ask....

And I know for a fact that there is a performance ignition for them... I think it is made by PVL

And different fiberglas reed valve petals (probably made by Boyesen)

Re: Power pipe for QT50

Thanks Fred

So that is why I can't find a pipe for the PW.

How is the stock unit?

It must be better then the QT pipe which has no expansion chamber at all.


Re: Power pipe for QT50


I have recently been given a qt50 with a smashed piston, aparently it had welded itself in and some1 tried to free it with a hammer and it broke :( but now that i know the engine is the same as a PW50 i have been able to get the piston and cylinder through a m8 who is into dirtbikes. i haven't up till now been able to find somewhere that stocks these parts. thanks a lot ppl, just wait till the parts arrive now and we will c if they are compatible :) i hope so, cost me a fair bit

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