Used tomos or questionable Jawa?

Hey Guys,

My girlfriend has an 01 Tomos Targa which I cleaned up for her, and I'd like to get something to go out cruising with her, as she loves hers. Currently, i have a 1976 Jawa 207 (I think, not 100% sure), which needs at least a carb, brakes, tires, and potentially a complete rewiring. The other option is to spend up to $1000 on a used Tomos similar to hers, either a targa, bullet, or something a bit different like a revival or a streetmate. I don't really have too much cash, as university has taken all of it, but I do have a complete machine shop, and the skills to make just about anything. I don't really have a ton of time either, so I don't want to spend three months getting the jawa working.

I'm wondering whether it's worth trying to get the jawa in a good rideable state, or just bite the bullet and get a tomos or other newer 'ped...

Re: Used tomos or questionable Jawa?

put a tomos motor on the jawa.. and taa-daa! a reliable moped.

Used tomos or questionable Jawa?

jawas are awesome, but some parts may be a little hard to find, but not unobtainable by any means. if you just need some wiring, and no components, you should be fine. if you need things, such as a coil or thyristor, it is possible to find, so don't worry.

folks here will tell you jawas suck and parts are impossible to find, but don't believe them. those who say that don't know--they are not jawa owners.

no, it's not a puch or tomos, but if you look, you'll find what you need.

as far as carb, go dell'orto--cheap and more power. i'm now in the process of fine-tuning mine, and i like it thus far.

good luck.

Re: Used tomos or questionable Jawa?

Option 3 keep searching for another bike... You may be able to go to Buy/ Sell and get what you need for the Jawa at some reasonable pricing. Tires are pretty cheap. Look for some acceptable used pads and hope that you don't need to rewire.

Re: Used tomos or questionable Jawa?

Rewiring wouldn't be that bad, I've wired race cars before, I'm more worried about the parts I can't make, like brake pads, etc...

Re: Used tomos or questionable Jawa?

You solved your question for yourself. Tomos all the way with a high resale value after.

Re: Used tomos or questionable Jawa?

Don't worry about Jawa wiring. It's the most straight forward system I've seen yet. Jawa 207 engine uses the same bearings and seals as Puch (except for the rod bearings), The electronic ignition is maintenance free and you can build a replacement Thyristor for cheaper than you could buy points. The new Tomos would be a nicer bike in every respect but on the other hand, you can mod a puch intake and put a dellorto carb on that thing for a lot less than $1000.

Re: Used tomos or questionable Jawa?

Thanks...I gotta get some before pics of this thing up here...picked it up for free, chainsaw carb and all :)

I have a feeling the PO didn't know too much about carbs, because that must have been a monster chainsaw if the carb could flow enough for a 50cc 2 stroke.

Project WaterRat has begun...

Re: Used tomos or questionable Jawa?

might not be a bad carb for it. The original was only a 10mm.

Re: Used tomos or questionable Jawa?

dude you can get a totally sick tomos like spend 600 on a nice ttlx and pimp it out with all the goodies found here

"the only store youll ever need":

Re: Used tomos or questionable Jawa?

if you are one to follow trends, need approval from the cool kids, and want to be safe, get a puch or a tomos.

if you are a rugged individualist who likes that which is different, would rather be ahead of the curve on trends, and is not afraid of not having or doing that which is popular, get a jawa.


Re: Used tomos or questionable Jawa?

yeah jawas are way more fun

you really need a 210 2 speed if you wanna be able to climb hills

a jawa 2 speed will smoke a tomos up a hill then on the flats it will shift into 2nd and smoke the tomos again im also pretty sure there is not a hill it wont climb

and the 210 2 speed is still simpler than a puch e50

Re: Used tomos or questionable Jawa?

I already have the Jawa (still trying to get it out of the storage cage to get a good pic). It was given up by the previous owner for being too bastardly to try to fix, and thus is free. The scary part for me is that the two previous owners are both incredibly mechanically inclined, one works as a machinist for a CNC company, and the other is a race mechanic. Neither is afraid of anything mechanical, and neither would touch this jawa.....hence the thought of getting the tomos and playing it safe...

who knows, maybe it's just the thyristor....either way, it's getting stripped down, cleaned up, and checked out. Who knows, there might be some gold under the crust...

Re: Used tomos or questionable Jawa?

Odd...on second look tonight, it appears that it isn't a 1976 207 like I was looks almost exactly like this one a 1984 210....though it's missing a gas tank, and has some funktastic pedals that I'm pretty sure came off an exercise bike :P

Re: Used tomos or questionable Jawa?

Pics Finally!

I got my new Dellorto in the mail, and dug the beast out of hiding to clean her up and take some pics. Check out the flickr set with the pics of both the bike, the old and new carb, and what's been eating the rest of my time lately!

The project has started, things to get/make/do:

new thyristor (making from parts, will be good!)

New tires/tubes

new brakes (need to find replacement parts)

clean up electrical wiring

make tank

get/mount/wire turn signals

get/mount mirrors

new grips/throttle/controls/bars

strip, sand, paint

geez..this will take a while...


Re: Used tomos or questionable Jawa?

that bike has a 2 speed moter those are hard to find

Re: Used tomos or questionable Jawa?

1) Hold the phone:

BEFORE doing anything locate an ownership for that (if you don't have one, you don't say), sometimes up your way they can be easy/hard to get, depends more on the time of the month, than anything else I can figure. Now you can proceed.

2) You are missing enough stuff, that locating a second one for parts is a practical idea, a non runner should cost around $50 in your neck of the woods.

3) Turn signals are a bitch. Your (any) Jawa does 6V at a very small amount of current. When Java added turn signals they also added a battery (or a set of ni-cad batteries, a rectifier, and a regulator) Anything used you are going to buy will be shot, and it could run you $50 to get something working, you do not "need" on a pre-78 moped. I have a shot set-up here that you can have for shipping (bad ni-cads), I run without.

4) Brakes? (I have 12,000 km on the originals and they are hardly worn)

5) Your pedal chain needs an adjuster.

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