Take a Look at This!!

It has to be one of the nicest 79expresses out there.Feel free to post any comments or questions.


Re: Take a Look at This!!

Antoine Caron-Jobin /

nice bike! Does it run well

Re: Take a Look at This!!

o yea it runs as good as it looks it has 1452 miles on it as of now

Re: Take a Look at This!!

hey bubba i got a front rack for that bike if your looking for one, it's your free if you want it, just give me a few bucks to cover shipping =0)

Re: Take a Look at This!!

Sweet. I've never seen an orange one before - and that's in great condition. How long have you had it? You should add that to you profile page -


Re: Take a Look at This!!

i bought it off of ebay for 120 in july with 1402 miles on it.i put a battery in it and i drained the old gas and she fired right up it runs like a top its really great weather here in texas you can drive them year round!

hey slowpeder!

where are you located? do you have a horn?

Thanks bubba

Re: hey slowpeder!

nope sorry i sold the horn, i'm just down to the basics... i'm in KY

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