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I talked with a guy that is selling a 1987 Honda Spree, it's suppose to be in ex condition with 1500 miles. Does that sound fair? Anyone know how this Moped/Scooter holds up? I'm looking for something that will get me to work but within a budget. Under 600-700


Re: 1987 Honda Spree

An '87 Spree w/ some miles on it. I wouldn't pay much more than $500 for it. That's what I'd offer him. You can get a brand new one for about $1300, so figure that into the equation. You can get a new Yamaha Razz for about $1200.

I would recommend a moped ... since they are cheaper and easier to repair. But the Spree was pretty common, so parts and mechanics might not be a problem.

If you buy it, make sure you ride it around first. Depending on how long it's been sitting, it might need some tuning up work.

Re: 1987 Honda Spree

DaveinNaples /

I have an 85 spree, and have owned it for about a year now. I drive it every day, just for fun.

Its reliable, more fun than a barrel of monkeys and cheap to run. Its old enough nobody wants to steal it, and kids wave at you and grannies smile at you.

I paid $200. for mine, but it had 7,000 miles on it and it was rough looking.

Since I bought it, I've dismantled it, and painted it, I decided to rebuild the engine, new rings, and bearings on the crank, and seals. While I had it apart, I replace the simple centrifigal clutch.

All in all I spent about $300 more. So now I've got what runs like a new scooter, for $500.

Parts are easy to find and not overly priced. Honda is a good reliable machine and I find easy to work on.

I wouldn't spend much more than $500 though. Even thought the miles are low, you may have to spend some money on it.

The 2 stroke engine on the Spree is probably good for a total of about 7,500 miles before it needs new bearings and rings.

Good Luck !

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