caio carb settings

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First off thanks for the help on the electrical diagnosis. It turned out (as per Jim C.'s advice) that I wasn't getting spark because my tailight was burned out! I don't think I would have ever put that together. Thanks again to all who replied.

In the midst of revival I cleaned the carburator, not paying attention to the setting on the main carb adjustment screw. Does anyone out there know what the starting setting should be? Also....any fancy tricks for fine tuning that thing once I get it running?


'78 Caio

Re: caio carb settings

Those Dellorto carburetors don't have any adjustment other than the idle speed. that is what the screw on the side does. There are also fine tuning tips as such, other than maybe changing the main jet to the next higher number.

The mufller on some Ciaos may be restricted since there are 20MPH limited models. I don't know how to determine this in individual cases.

Either way, once you get the engine going again, it should stay well for a long time with minor attention.

Have fun with it now that the good weather is coming1


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