Dear Moped Army- THANK YOU!

OK moped army community. A humble thank you from me to all of you for helping me over the past two years of restoring my Honda NU50M Urban Express from completely worthless to a now Rip-Roaring back from the dead Monster!

Special thanks to benji from treats, and IRE Rick! Treats hooked me up with all of the new components to get this thing cranking. But I was missing one part, a huge custom intake manifold to get max power. IRE Rick came through by sending me a huge fully custom prototype intake manifold that was everything I could have ever hoped for. He also threw in some goodies to help me get everything I can out of this scoot. Both guys are incredible moped tuners and all around standup guys, and I owe tons of gratitude thier way for so much help they've provided.

Also a huge thanks to everyone here on moped army. The knowledge in this website and community is HUGE. This was my first restoration of this magnitude, and I'm hooked. Next on the list is a legit moped, not just a noped.

Enough of that- Here's the pics!

Right Side-

Check out that High-Mount biturbo!

Left Side-



Low beams out, going to pick up another headlight soon

Exhaust Close-Up-

Yes folks, that's a rear bicycle reflector mounting bracket bent to spec to become an exhaust hanger. Since I had to use the old exhaust manifold to adapt the 2piece, I'm sure that I'm not getting full power, but I'm a fan of how it is looking right now.

IRE Rick's Prototype Intake-

I've since lowered the kickstart to not get that close to the air filter. It looks a bit close with the filter I had laying around, but clearance is sound. The oil pumps alsoo been completely pulled and replaced with an adjustable bung that IRERick was awesome enough to toss into the box o' goodies he sent my way.

Here's the dirty details:

70cc parmakit from treats

21mm phbg from treats

a big ol' filter from treats

custom IRE Rick intake manifold

92 main jet (gotta drop to 91 or 90, got a bit of fourstroke at top)

biturbo 2 piece tuned pipe

If anyone's ridin in Minneapolis let me know, I've got my wheels running strong.

Re: Dear Moped Army- THANK YOU!

nice, but wont that exhaust mount bend when you hit a bump? you mod the variator?

Re: Dear Moped Army- THANK YOU!

woah. Good call. I never even thought about how one piece is suspended and the other is perm fixed. I'll fix that guy tomorrow with a spring between the exhaust and the mount.

I tossed lighter rollers in the variator, but havent cut any windows/notches yet.

Re: Dear Moped Army- THANK YOU!

That exhaust angle is intense.

Re: Dear Moped Army- THANK YOU!

Are you serious with that exhaust? Just buy a proma dude. That shit is crazy.

Re: Dear Moped Army- THANK YOU!

_If anyone

Re: Dear Moped Army- THANK YOU!

sweet ride dude, and good job on the restore!

Re: Dear Moped Army- THANK YOU!

Yea the proma is going to happen if I really want to squeeze every drop out of this ped, but I am diggin this kind of insane exhaust look- at least for now.

Re: Dear Moped Army- THANK YOU!

yeah, having no kickstand with the proma kinda sux, gotta lean your bike on shit.

what top speed you get with that setup?

where did you get lighter rollers?

Re: Dear Moped Army- THANK YOU!

aww seriously? The proma circuit kills the ability to have the center stand? I was actually just looking at that on treats, because everyone is just super pumped about it.

As of right now I've gotten the guy going what looks like 35-40 on the speedo in flats, but its still got a bit of tuning to do to get the mix just right.

Here's another question, I've searched the forums and gotten mixed answers. Do the boyesen reeds for hobbits rock with the urban express?

I got the lighter rollers in my present box that IRE Rick sent me!

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