WTF is this? "The Thundercats" new branch? Stonnerdog and myself and friends originally proposed to be The Thundercats and were replied to by Simon the 5th of February. We already had and have our own icon, pics of us and peds, and even a logo. This "new branch" is a bunch of b.s. These kiddies stole our freaking branch. I don't know if Stonnerdog has written Simon about this yet but I'm urging him to, this is the biggest bunch of BS I've seen in a long time. I guess since something obviously happened to the original idea of moped people sticking together correctly we'll just be our own moped army. No offense to Fred or any of you other guys but this is just BS. We even have our own thundercats emblems on our peds! Screw it, that's the way the world turns and I guess the "Moped Army" is no different. Just wonder why THEY got our branch and not US....

Swarm and Destroy.... Separately?!?



yo, chill out bro! we didnt know anything about you group or anything. this name is only temporary anyway, until we can find a logo to go with the other name we had in mind


I can

Re: WTF thundercats? STOLE OUR BRANCH

Simon King / need to get crazy - here's the deal:

The thundercats (the group on the website) were originally submitted before your branch submission became serious. This week I was planning on emailing you back and getting started with the process of making your branch official. At this time I was going to explain to you that the name Thundercats was already taken, and see if you had any alternate names you wanted to go with.

The original name that the new branch chose was the "Mopgens". The thing is that we get on average about 1.5 branch submissions per week. Most of these don't work out - and we try and make sure the the people involved are really interested and and enthusastic about mopeds and about the Moped Army before we make anyone official. I'd say that we've gotten about 10 submissions apiece for branches name "Mopegens" and "Thundercats". They seem to be very popular names - I'm not sure why.

I'll email you personally tonight about this and maybe we can get something resolved. I know that the current thundercats are willing to go with Mopagens if they can get a suitable logo - which I will try to come up with tonight as well. We'll get this figured need to start talking about alternate moped army's or lack of unity.

Look for an email from me soon - thanks...


Re: WTF thundercats? STOLE OUR BRANCH

vanilladog /

What is next for us? Moped bike gangs, battling each other in the streets of suburban NJ??? LOL! This is too weird, since whenever I check around or post a query, there seem to be no mopedders in NJ. Now it seems that there are too many of them... I just can't stop myself from laughing so hard!

Vanilladog in Belleville

Re: WTF thundercats? STOLE OUR BRANCH

it's all just a problem of miscommunication ... sorry ...

problem is, so many people think they are in the moped army. but we're pretty exclusive. not everyone in kalamazoo that we know is in the moped army. it's pretty elite. so the application process ends up taking a long time.

but be patient. that lets simon and the rest of us know you're serious. plus you have to wait for us to meet and discuss whether to approve new membership, etc. the more we grow, the longer that process takes.

Re: WTF thundercats? STOLE OUR BRANCH

Simon King /

Well, actually the current Thundercats are from NJ - the one that Wynneth is talking about is proposed in Texas.

Re: WTF thundercats? STOLE OUR BRANCH

Alright alright I'll chill, but it would've been nice to know all of this in advance, might've prevented this situation at all you know. Like Miguel said, communication....

S & D


Re: WTF thundercats? STOLE OUR BRANCH

#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /


Re: WTF thundercats? STOLE OUR BRANCH

Whatever happened to all the "Mopegens" and "Thundercats"? They seemed to be very popular names in 2001 - I'm not sure why.

Re: WTF thundercats? STOLE OUR BRANCH

sludge-peds; peds which run on sludge

Chick fight!

fallout Survivor /

Chick fight!

Re: WTF thundercats? STOLE OUR BRANCH

there's still mopegen ed

NJ - always been a big dirty bummer

Re: WTF thundercats? STOLE OUR BRANCH

Carlos Spicy Wiener /

Re: WTF thundercats? STOLE OUR BRANCH


Re: WTF thundercats? STOLE OUR BRANCH

Andrew Squiggman /

Born to be WillD Wrote:


> there's still mopegen ed


> NJ - always been a big dirty bummer

Most people in NJ look for the first chance to escape, unless they are already poisoned. So in all reality, a gang could never last there. Worst in north jersey, lesser so much in the outh.

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