hey kris, i agree with stales. i think a graphic on the front, and a slogan on the back in big letters, maybe.............paul


I think its a great idea , i have a targa lx... and think it would be a great idea....ill buy some stickers and shirts off of ya me with more info


Re: kris

Yeah..... it is a great idea...

glad to see some people are intrested in it :0)

Re: The response is overwhelming!!

Wow Stales, I have almost as many cymbals as you do! Let's see if I can list all of mine...

10" AA Meinl Splash

13" Sabian HH Fusion Hats

14" Sabian AA Regular Hats

14" Paiste Dimensions Heavy Hats

18" Zildjian A Thin Crash

18" Zildjian Schimitar Crash/Ride

18" Paiste 2002 Medium Crash

19" Paiste 3000 Thin Crash

19" Paiste 2002 Crash

19" Sabian AAX Dark Crash

20" Paiste 2002 Thin Crash

20" Zildjian A Thin Crash

20" Zildjian A Medium Ride

20" Paiste 3000 Heavy Crash (Reflector)

22" Paiste 2002 Heavy Ride

22" Paiste 2002 Heavy Ride (dirtier than the other one)

22" Paiste 3000 Power Ride (Reflector)


Re: The response is overwhelming!!

what is a cymbal?

Re: Top-tank Club

Considering my Targa runs and my Avanti doesn't, I like the Targa better. I think the Tomos bike is significantly better designed and manufactured.


Re: The response is overwhelming!!

I need XXL,Kris! But I don't want any that have a** written on them. Just a good top-tank pic,like a Sebring,Avanti,or Casal,and `TOP TANKS RULE! or something.Ha!..................... DUCK! Your Casal rules! What a fantastic looking bike! don (:^D

Re: The response is overwhelming!!

it's changed a bit... as soon as I get this tube bent for the coustome homeot exhuast pipe ill take some..

thanks though i apreciate that!

Re: The response is overwhelming!!

Wow I normaly Use flat view but I had just cleared cookies and stuff and re logged in and was reading this thread no using the flat view... it makes it look like I posted Randomly to diffren't questions 3 or 4 times in a row.. wierd!!!

Guys Use flat veiw.. I read then I answer a question.. read some more and blab... I didn't know everytime i did it for non flat view readers it makes me look like im just randomly posting post after post to my own posts.. GAH!!!

Re: The response is overwhelming!!

when responding in flat view use the "reply to this message" feature located under and to the right of the message you are responding to. this way your message will be placed in the proper spot when in threaded view.


John Purchase /

Hell Wal, I think you've got me beat!

Here's the set up I'm using now...

14" Zildian Quick Beat Hats

13" Zildian Quick Beat Hats

8" Sabian Splash

10" Zildian A Splash

12" Zildian EFX

14" Wuhan Splash/China Stack

18" Zildian Avedis Crash

16" Zildian Avedis Crash

18" uFip Bravo Crash

20" Zildian Avedis Ride

18" Wuhan China

16" Zildian A Custom Crash

LP Low Bell

Whens the stickers and shirts coming out

I was just posting to see when you think you will have some made?

Re: Whens the stickers and shirts coming out

it will take a couple weeks. My business is booming right now so Im pretty busy, plus Im working on 2 mopeds and 1 motorcycle. Gimme a couple weeks and i'll have them done....I think.


Re: Top-tank Club

I have a 1965 Motobecane with a top tank. It's 50cc but no pedals (5 speed gearbox!) so technically, it wouldn't count.

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