A3 Vs. A5 tomos engines

lately, ive heard a lot of good things about A3 tomos engines. I heard that even though they are the older moldel engine, they are still much more powerful and faster. Are the older A3 mopeds faster than the new A5 mopeds? which one accelerates faster, and which has a higher top speed?

Re: A3 Vs. A5 tomos engines

Reeperette /

In my opinion, the A3 is far superior - I've been riding 'peds for 15 years, and most of that was A3-powered...and so far the four A5's I have checked out in the past week or so don't even come close for simplicity and raw power.

Takeoff on either one ain't much, but at least you don't sit there half-wanting to pedal is faster with the A3, and the top end of an A3, from experience, it significantly higher than an A5.

Part of this is due to the A5 having a much smaller piston and longer stroke, which results in far less raw power at either end the scale...I still don't comprehend why such minor differences in the transmission make is so sluggish tho, when I figure that out, I might put it back together.


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