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I want a Moped for going to work. I've been looking at the Avanti Autopower, the Kinetic Magnum, and the Tomos Targa. Or any in the same class. I've never gotten a Moped before and they aren't commone here in Michigan so I just don't know much about them. I would like to be able to remove the resrictor plate is it has one, and of course I want one that has a great service record. Any advice anyone can offer would be great. Thanks!!


Re: Buying a new Moped

Reeperette /

Deb, my Advice would be the can get parts for it more easily, and being that I live an hour from you, mechanical assistance would be ready to hand if need be.

The Kinetic has some quality problems, it's a solid, fast and hard running design, just that they require a bit more shakedown on purchase due to quality-control issues on the assembly line.

That and I am not so sure parts for it are that widely available here.

I'd stay away from the Avanti...any 'ped so rare even I have never heard of it is surely going to be hell to get parts and labor for, specially given what it would prolly cost if you did.

So bag yourself the Tomos, and if you do ever run into mechanical hassle with it, you will be able to get the parts, and buggin me to fix it for ya is a hell of a lot cheaper than payin some dork who's only worked on motorcycles $40-$60 an hour to fix it.

Let us know how it goes, eh ?


Re: Buying a new Moped

I have an old (84) Derbi Variant that I think is pretty smooth, and I

Re: Buying a new Moped

Hey Ree and Deb, That Avanti, the 2 speed modle, thay say it will do about 40 out of the box... It is one on ebay auction now, from Scooter Therapy in Wisc. but guess they would be about one of few parts suppliers.(new derby looks good too) Doug D.

Re: Buying a new Moped

Hey, don't discount the Avanti. It's the new Garelli, so it has a good reputation. One of the new Thurdercat Moped Army members has one, ask him for more info on it.

I've heard good things about the Avanti. I think it also runs on the Minarelli, but I can't remember. Check w/ Scooter Therapy, since they'll have the info on that.

But as far as I know, it's the Italian's new entry into the US market. And it's just the old Garelli, which has a good reputation (from all I've heard).

Re: Buying a new Moped

SteelToad /

I would recomend the Tomos, not just because I have one and I like it a lot, but

because it is easy to get and easy to get parts for in the states.

I would first suggest though that you get a used (read: cheap) moped to try out

first. Find out if you like riding a moped. Find out if the cars in your area like you

riding a moped. Figure out where you are going to store it. Find out what

obstacles you are going to face like lugging it up/down stairs or bad traffic areas.

Find out if you like mixing oil & gas, or you just want to pull up to the pump.

Once you are sure you want to moped, then go out and spend the big bucks

and get a good one with the features you've learned you need.

Good Luck

Re: Buying a new Moped

I totally agree w/ Steel Toad. An older moped is easier to work on and more fun to ride/maintain. Plus vintage always rocks!

Re: Buying a new Moped

Make sure you check the laws in your State before you buy a 'ped. I live in Illinois and it has been a nightmare trying to get plates and a title for my moped. I STILL have not gotten it licensed, so I have been unable to ride it. Otherwise I'd be able to tell you what I think of it (it is a Kinetic Magnum). One thing about it though, it is a good-looking bike, and the guys I've shown it to think it's pretty cool. <sigh>when I finally (if ever) actually get to RIDE it, I can give you my opinion of it mechanically speaking..

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