tomos engines! (ree: may be helpful to u!)

today i went to try to fix my tomos becuase the cluctch was slipping and it revved really high and the moped would shake. i had a sprint engine ant took the covers off both. i found that i forgot to put a washer in the back of the clutch packs which owlowed it to slip. i put that in adn boy it revved high and actually hit the power band in first.make sure you have the little washer in the fround of the gears too. i tryed to make it slip and no matter what i did it would not slip.i am so glad i fixed it---------------------------------------------- ree here is another part u will LOVE to hear. ok my friend has a sprint engine and i found it was really really fast in acceleration and top speed. i looked at the tranny and it was the same. so i looked at it closely and i found the magneto is so much lighter(it is only 6 volt instead of a 12 volt)than my targa's. i had the chance to look at a magneto for the a3 engine and guess what same size as the sprint!!!! that means the a5 engine is more powerfull but the addition of the bigger 12 volt magneto makes it doggy and slow. maybe they have a 12 volt super light magneto. what u think ree?


Re: tomos engines! (ree: may be helpful to u!)

Reeperette /

I noticed that too, Imma prolly put an A3 Maggie on that, they are the same size, far as I can tell.

I am indeed lookin at weight reduction of some key parts in there.


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