More TOMOS Information.

Was checkin through my notes while unpacking and found some old notes and such that might be useful to other Tomos owners, so here they are - I will just add what hasn't been put on the forum before, this time.

Additional Tomos Info.


Digits 5 and 6 of the VIN indicate model number.

42 = A3N Sprint

43 = A3N Sprint w/kickstart kit.

44 = A35 Targa

45 = A35 Targa

46 = A35 Targa TT LX

47 = A35 Targa

48 = A35 Targa TT LX w/kickstart kit.

49 = A35 Targa

56 = A35 Sprint TT

They probably also indicate points/CDI ignition type, but I don't have that info.

Horsepower 1.95hp @ 5200 RPM

Torque 3.5 Nm @ 3500 RPM

Fuel Mileage 6 pints/100 Miles

Ignition Advance for STOCK units.

Breaker Points = 1.5mm BTDC

CDI Electronic = 1.5mm BTDC

Breaker Gap 0.35mm-0.45mm

Brake drums are both 90mm Front and Rear.

Fuel Supply Petcock turns COUNTER CLOCKWISE for main tank, CLOCKWISE for reserve.

(so if yours is unmarked, now you'll know.)

Suggested cable lubricant is "Shell Retinax A or LX grease".

Suggested tire pressure-





Head lamp, 12V 25W/25W dual filament.

Rear light 12V 5W

Brake light 12V 10W

Turn Signal 12V 10W

Horn uses 12V 18W

And there are four complete electrical system diagrams in here, but I do not have a workin scanner right now, so that'll have to wait a bit.

This info should prove useful, however.

I still wish one of you guys would cobble alla this into a Tomos Faq - that would be very handy to have as a permanent link.


Revival Wiring Diagram?

Brandon H. /

Anyone have a wiring diagram for the new Revival? I'd like to see how it differs from my Targa.

Keep the articles coming.

Dan Webber Kastner /

I just added it as an article. Go check it out, and if you ever want to edit it, or add to it email me.



Serial Number for Revivals

Trike, good stuff!!! My Revival serial number is <br>

ZZ1A711292K068429 (without pedals).<br>That would make "71" the 5th and 6th digit. If other Revival owners could check their numbers maybe you could add it.<br>I can't wait to read dan's new article. Thanks Trike and dan.

Hey Dan ?

There's also the ton of stuff in the "Tomos Boatload" post.

If I could only get someone who's good at organizing to collate alla that mess into a Faq..

Guys ?


Re: My revival serial number...

Here's my serial number:


Re: My revival serial number...

Hey Jon, does yours have pedals?

Re: My revival serial number...

Nope, no pedals. I'm going to post a pic of the wiring diagram later tho cuz somebody said they needed it. There are 2 versions tho? Full optional and standard... I don't know the difference. I think I have full optional.

Re: Revival Wiring Diagram?

Here ya go! Hope this helps


Re: Revival Wiring Diagram?

John Joedicke /

Great stuff, now does anyone have wiring diagram for a Targa LX. Thanks John

Re: Revival Wiring Diagram?


Thanks for the diagram. Do you have any others?

Re: Revival Wiring Diagram?

No that's the only one I have sorry.

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