Thanks to Fred et al

Thanks to Fred et al,

Fred, I followed your tips printed 01/24/01, reviving a 1976 Cimatti City Bike

with a Minerelli motor. So far so good. Thanks also to the unknown soul who scanned a schematic of this motor, and carburator and made it available.

My comments: guitar strings (electric or acoustic high "e" strings make excellent pokers for clearing gunk from carburator passages). Cost about a dollar at a music store.

I removed the "pin hole" screw right above the carburator float

to get the damn thing working first time a around. It started great a couple of times, but, a week later, the spark plug was soaked, so I knew it was flooded. I put the screw back in, and, magically, it worked.

I am using an old water bottle fit with a piece of toilet tubing, aircraft clamp, and plain old 1/4" tubing from Lowes as fuel line. This is because my tank is rusted and I am soaking it in de-ruster.

My question for anyone is: how tight do I make my chain? It is sort of adjustable by loosening the axle nuts and moving a little lever.

Also, at local motorcycle stores, I can't find an in line fuel filter to fit inside 1/4" diameter fuel line.

Thanks all

Re: Thanks to Fred et al

Try another motorcycle shop... mine has acouple different sizes.

Or try a lawnmower shop.

And... Who is ... al ?... :)

Re: Thanks to Fred et al

david f martin /

Also try a VW shop. We sell a clear plastic fuel filter cheap that works on my bike, and the cool thing is that you can see if you have fuel going to the carb, and also all the dirt and rust that the filter captures...


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