turbo for conversion kit??

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Do they exist? If so does anyone know where I can find one? I have a mountain bike I put a conversion kit on and even thou I have a vespa I still want to keep the mountain bike moped! I want to bump it up a little bit! Its a 49cc engine! Only performance parts I can find are exhausts for it!

Re: turbo for conversion kit??

Eh.. no.. Turbo+2stroke=not that simple.

I don't think there are too many 'bike conversion' fans here..

Re: turbo for conversion kit??

dude, those are nothing but weedeater motors. i love to see the guys with "80cc" motors that only have a new exhaust. your stuck. also, with anything faster than maybe 20 youd be totally screwed with forks/brakes/anything on that bike since its not supposed to go "fast"

save your money and make the vespa boogie. more rewarding, and better top speed.

Re: turbo for conversion kit??

turbo!? again? christ almighty.

Re: turbo for conversion kit??

build up the vespa throw the motorized bike in the garbage.

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