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Here some road rage for you.Heh I had just fixed my puch it would go into gear but never mind that so i was crusing along have a nice ride about 45mph and i decided to go to the local gas station ( i was a little thirsty wanted a coke) so i get there shut my ped off and walk in.I go get my coke and walk up to the cash register and no more than two seconds later i hear my puch fire up. I thought well i could be any bodies. So i am waiting and through the bottom of the glass door i see my puch forks and some fat kid on it laughing. heh heh. So what do i do walk out of the store and see the kid on it and his buddies laughing in there car i knock the fat kid off my bike with a punch in the head and puul outh my switch and deflate two of the four tires on his buddies car and kick and dent the fender quarter panel and door in. Heh heh they were so suprised i jumped on my puch spit at em rode off.


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switchblades and mopeds, a match made in heaven.


moped army

swarm and destroy

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Reeperette /

I favor ye olde four feet of chain myself....


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Don Gotti /

ha ha ha sux to be you! theres a warent out for your arest now in 3 states because of that if i were u i'd ryde your ped to california and hide there for a while at a local harley club ta ta for now baby cakes!!

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Hey that fat kid who was sittin on yer bike...maybe u should tell everyone about yer so called puch....its a damn 20' 6 speed huffy wit a jerry rigged 1.5 briggs and stratton...and second i dont recall any flat tires...if i recall correctly u cried and cried until we stole ur pants and made u go bobin fer turd in a gas station toilet...yummy...........

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man if you were any gayer id think, well i dont what i would thinkdan wrote:

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Wow you are some stupid assholes. When I first red Fox

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Not only flat tires, but probably broken faces, banged-up cars, and seriously bruised bodies. And I hardly think that attempted moped theft is going to endear you to the cops when you go crying and wailing for help. Although we do engage in the occasional vigilante justice, we also work with the police to protect our own.

Don't fuck with the moped army....

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Three words about the Moped Army in Kzoo:

"Cops LOVE us"

We break down so many moped thieves and other stupid crimes. Even arrested a few people. We help keep the Vine Neighborhood safe. I think of it as out turf. And I know we get respect.

So ... if you ever get on my ped at a gas station. Think twice. First, it's just plain bad form to get on someone else's ride w/o their permission. Would you do that to a Harley you saw? Well ... Moped Army is not America's toughest moped gang for no reason.

Second, you would have to immediately apologize. I'm more than happy to show off my moped to other people But if you insult my pretty lovely, honor will have to be satisfied.

And I wouldn't have punched you off my bike ... I would have just seized you by the throat and dropped you head first onto the pavement. Hard. No sense denting up my knuckles.

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Man, you guys must live in some pretty ruff hoods. I lock my bike up at night and sometimes if I'm gonna be inside a store for a while, but I mainly just trust my fellow man. I guess just the thought of getting caught here (and no, not by the cops) scares people enuff. And oddly enuff, I was concerned about all the rednecks around here messin with me, but they seem pretty cool too. I guess it helps to be one and know MANY...

Plus, people have been pretty cool about not squeezing me or messin with me on the road. The only 3 problems I've had so far involve little old ladies that can't turn their necks.

I spose this is one of the few advantages in living in Andy-Griffithville. I just hope my luck continues...your horror stories tend to make me lose faith in my fellow man. They all mean well....NOT!

But in any event, I'm like most of you, if someone does mess with the ride, the gloves gotta come off...But, I am curious how you guys can carry a 4 foot piece of chain, or a lead pipe, or etc...maybe i need to rent Road Warrior and take some notes...

Swarm and smother,


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