C100 - questions?

Hello, New guy here! My name is Mark and I am from Durango, Colorado. I just picked up an old Honda C100 and I have a few questions maybe you all could answer for me.

Frame# C100 - CO22264

Engine # C100 -E 44372

The bike has the dual rear sprockets, chrome front fender, solo seat, and luggage rack. A Trail version, (C100T?)


Is there any way of telling the years of manufacture?

Production numbers of the "Trail" version?

Motor Parts availability?

Whats up with the CO in the frame number?

I had a hard time finding any pics of the exact model on the internet, are these "Trail" versions hard to come by?

That's probably enought questions for now, I'm sure I'll have more. Thanks

Re: C100 - questions?

look anything like this?

Re: C100 - questions?

Awesome dude! Nice score. I'm thinking from the frame number you've got a 61 or 62 there. You're probably not going to find anyone here who is willing to help too much with the bike, as it's not a "moped" by definition, not to mention being 4 stroke. Most of the info found here is for two stroke bikes.

Parts should be readily available- there are a couple of yahoo groups with great resources for these bikes. I'll try and scare up the addys.

I've got a 63 C105 I'm working on right now. Super fun. I love those pushrod engines.

Re: C100 - questions?

Thanks for the replys guys.

davekitts: looks like this:


Re: C100 - questions?

Thats a sick supercub. I've got one as well in black which I found in Boulder.

How does the second sprocket work? Can I retrofit one on to my C100?

Re: C100 - questions?

yeah, the "T"s were a little more rare here. nice find.

if im not mistake, the second sprocket is for either street or offroad. one has more torque, other more top end. so youd switch it if you had mad hills to climb

Re: C100 - questions?

Yep, they did that pretty often back then. Even in the late 60's the Benelli enduro/scramblers had dual sprockets mounted.

I have the Yamaha equivalent of the C100T, a '61 MG1T.

$80 pulled out of a yard with ice and grass on it. Maybe the best bike I own...its down right now with a major petcock leak, which will be the first real repair I have done on it in something like 6000 miles.

Re: C100 - questions?

Wow that yamaha is awesome. I dont think Ive ever seen one before. Any plans? How does it compare to the c100 exactly?

C100 - questions?

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

There is a Yahoo Groups club (groups.yahoo.com) that I had joined when I bought one. There are two of them, one of them requires approval to join. Get into that one. They have lots of data available for the bikes, including a chart that details the serial numbering sequence for the years the bikes were made.

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