Help ?...

Someone help me get to WB2 please? I think I'm finally ready to say "fuck it" to my responsibilites and obligations, because i'm finally ready to blow my brains out from the overwhelming stresses of being a born loser... but i would prefer to go to a moped rally instead.

Who can save this crushed spirit?

Re: Help ?...

Brandon, can you fly here? Please come!

Re: Help ?...

Looks like tickets to cincinnati and back are gonna be like $650. Can't swing that. :(

Re: Help ?...

B. A.,

contact Johno,

He's going with Rachel.

Talk to JR about $ from me.

Cheer up dude, I know... Times have sucked here too. Overall things have gone down hill in my life too, but lemons =lemonade eventually.

Everything will, will, will get better. They have to.


Re: Help ?...

When god gives you lemons, you Find a new god.

Re: Help ?...

Thanks, Stoops! I'll do just that!

Re: Help ?...


myspace me and I'll explain the $$ off of the forums.

You're our buddy.

you're no born loser trust me.:)

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