Road rage on a ped

david f martin /

On my way home from work, I pulled onto a 4-lane several hundred feet before any cars were coming... A minute later, a black Civic DX with stickers all over the back swerved TOWARDS me (me with a curb on the right side), then sped off. There was no one in the left lane, he could've easily switched lanes to pass.

After my initial scare, I got really PISSED. I hoped to catch him at the next light, and I imagined punching his tires with my pocketknife, breaking a window, pulling his stupid redneck ass out and beating the holy hell out of him.

About 1/2 mile down the road, The Man had set up a speed trap, and they'd caught someone... I hoped it was my man, but it wasn't... I kept hoping all the way home I'd find him parked at a restaurant or Kmart or something...

I'm pretty familiar with Hondas, and I'm sure I'd recognise his stickers if I saw them again...

Anyone out there in PedLand ever actually gotten even? Ree?


Re: Road rage on a ped

Ataristyle /

Nope...But I should stick some rocks in the bright orange backpack I always wear just incase a scenerio comes up where I'm pissed and need something to throw.

Rage and Destroy!

Re: Road rage on a ped

Reeperette /

Oh boy - can of worms there, and me with half a load on...this oughta be fun, ha.

Lessee, after being cut off by one dickhead payin more attention to his cell phone than me, I planted my ped in front of his at the next stoplight, and physically TOOK his cellphone from him, told him he could retrieve it from the District Police Dept, where I would (and did) drop it off later that day.

The dude behind me at a red light blasting his horn cause he wanted to make a left, or rather, wanted me to make an unsafe one, who then had the temerity to try to run me over when I got off the 'ped to debate cost him one headlight, some paint, the windshield, and a nasty crack in the rear window as well.

(I have mentioned that I carry a length of chain ? I am NOT kidding.)

Back when I still carried my splatmaster .68 (An old, old paintball gun, for thems that don't remember those days) I had it in a chopped holster, and loaded with screaming dayglo neon pink paintballs for jerks like Mr. Honda's hard to be macho with 3-4 of THOSE on yer paintjob, but it's hard to re-cock the damn thing while riding..those new self-contained semi-autos are a thought, tho.

There was a local pack of street punks in Baltimore moved onto our street and started bashing up cars with baseball bats, mostly cause the cops wouldn't touch em since they were minors - and they acted with more or less impunity, till they decided to throw a bottle at me, and out came the chain - that came to be an ongoing thing, to and from work, most nights....till thier glorious lil leader DID get arrested - and of all things came back to apologize.

FYI - BCPD ? Fuck You....only in Baltimore could someone be dragging your 'ped out of your yard, and YOU nearly go to jail for stopping them.

Imagine that, someone halfway out of yer yard with your prize (and only !) set of wheels that gets you to work, you stop em and run em off - and nearly go to prison for it !

But mess with my ped, especially if I am on it - and I'll come for you, I never forget, never forgive, and respond in eminently violent fashion, it discourages recidivism.

I've no patience for this game.

I WILL cross four lanes of traffic straight at ya if you throw a bottle at me, I WILL chase you home, and run my front wheel up your steps as you cry for mommy to call the police....damn Curtis Bay punks, anyhow.

Little hint, if the guy on the 'ped you're about to hassle has his bloodtype painted above the forward brim of his helmet, don't do WILL regret it.

Many others have.


Re: Road rage on a ped

the lack of respect for the moped makes me really mad.

if people aren't cutting me off, they are yelling at me to get a helmet or throwing a beer bottle at me.. at first these things kind of scared me so I just rode on but one day I didn't just ride on I stop and asked, "what the fuck are you doing?" to a drunk at some stupid party who just threw a bottle at me, he replied,

"oh nothing man sorry"

"yeah really sorry, don't throw shit at me"

"I won't I won't"

from that point on I've used the stop and confront method because that is not what they expect and the ball is in your court they are the ones that realize that they are being completely stupid

stop lights are your friend when dealing with these people also because cars don't move very quickly when they're locked in by other cars

clearly this is not a problem for a moped

so you get to confront the person whos yelling at you or cutting you off

my latest thing has been carrying a "riding a moped safely" flyer from the S of S

with me at all time in case other motorist or law enforcement officers happen to be confused about any or all of the laws of mopeds

not being one to jump toward violence (or maybe I'm just not that prepared) I don't carry any "weapons" with me when I ride but something that i do carry with me every time is my U lock which in a pinch will dent the crap out of the side of a car

you're going to get shit for riding your moped. do something about it

Dunno if this counts...

psychowulf /

What happened to me was that someone cut me off in their car, nearly taking off the front end of my cherished 1978 Garelli SS XL and sending me spinning into the curbside and probably the ditch... Caught up with them at the light, told them exactly what I thought of them and their driving styles when they threw a half-full soda from Mc Donalds at me which thank God for them didn't hit me. Light turned green, they left lauging at the poor moped rider...

Course were they in for a suprise since I recognized the car from the neigborhood, went home got my car (1967 Chevy II), and a few of my friends to go wreak a lil havoc. We blocked them into their driveway and explained to them nicely that if they continued to drive and act in such a manner that we'd be back and their health would suffer as a consequence...

Haven't had a problem with those goons since, and thankfully knocks on wood everyone else around here either assumes it's a bike or a old motorcycle and leaves me the heck alone.

To clear something up...

psychowulf /

Not I did say almost sent me spinning to the curb.

If he had I woulda either been to hurt to do anything to them (most likely), or woulda been so peeved I woulda taken their car apart around them.

Re: Road rage on a ped

Out here in California there are bicycle lanes on the right side of some streets. And mopeds can use them since they are considered a motorized bicycle.

On one particularly wide and little travelled street, I saw this Chrysler coming up to me in the bike lane from a block back. He was on my butt so I pulled to the left out of the bike lane and into the car lane which was clear. As he passed I yelled to the old geezer to get out of the bike lane. He yelled something back and kept going a little further and turned right at the corner and stopped. I pulled up beside him and told him that the was in a bike lane and should stay out of it. He then said "That's bullshit, asshole! I can drive in that lane!" I replied "Listen you old fart, you shouldn't be driving that car if you don't know the rules of the road." He returned with "Fuck you! I don't have to listen to you!" I noticed the back door of the car unlocked so I opened it and yelled "Listen geezer, you don't know the trouble I'm saving you!", and slammed the door and left. Looking over my shoulder as I left he went forward a few feet and pulled into his own driveway!

Talk about a brilliant driver....

Did he ever forget? Some months later I was going in the opposite direction on that same street by his house and here comes again in the bike lane to make his right turn. I made eye contact with him and saw he recognized me. I made a "I'm watching" gesture with my left hand and kept going.

I don't think he'll forget.




Re: Road rage on a ped

today i found 2 people who absolutely hate mopeds! i was riding my moped with a friend a little while ago. she was on the back i gave her my helmet. i was pulling over to let her ride and an asshole yuppie pulled out of his toyota and said the next time he sees me hes gonna push me off my moped and confiscate it. and i pulled out a big wrench and said if u touch me im gonna beat the living hell outta your car. boy did he peel out! then today i was riding with my friend as he ran out of his drive way and signaled for us to pullover.. we let off the gas gave him the finger and step on the gas. after that a lady in a van with about 15 kids in it was tailgating us. i turned around to give her the finger and she had her head out of the window screaming to get off the road because our mopeds were illegal. i just turned around and lost her. there are too many people who hate peds!

swarm and destroy


standing up for moped rights

Stand up for moped rights on the road!

I hate how some people think mopeds are illegal. You should do what Bill does, carry around some copies of your state's moped regulations flyer and hand them out to people who do that (if you can). Sometimes making them know just how ignorant they are can have enough force to make them think twice.

Also, I'm all for defending oneself, but a more diplomatic approach may go a long way. Letting them know that we know (and obey) the laws let's them know whe're not just punk kids. And that makes them feel even smaller for yelling at us, etc.

I'm all about building rapport w/ the general civilian population. Make them want to buy a moped, too.

But ... sometimes ... you just have to take stronger measures. For advice on that, turn to ree.

One piece of advice that I learned in Saginaw and will pass on to you:

If someone in a car threatens to get out and "kick your ass" ... let them. Egg them on. Get off the ped and urge them to come get some. These fools have to get out of their car to do anything. Wait for them to be half way out of their car ... then kick the door shut as hard as you can. At least one bone is broken in the process. After that, it's all over. Then you ride away.

Re: standing up for moped rights

vanilladog /

I had a pickup truck get up on my ass one evening, and ride like 2 feet behind me while gunning his engine. I was too scared to even turn to run up onto a lawn, because he would have run me down by then. The truck followed me with no headloights in the dark for a number of blocks, and I was scared shitless... even if the guy was only PLAYING with me, what if his foot slipped on the pedal, and he ran forward over me? I would have been hamburger. All I know is that if I had a gun, I would have pumped some shots into his windshield to quiet him down! Then at a corner, he suddenly gunned it and flew past me and around the corner quicker than I could get his plate number, almost crashing into an oncomming car in the process. He sped away and lucky for him, I never saw him again, cause if I was face to face with him, I would have picked up my moped and slammed in onto his fuckin chest! ROad rage with NO revenge is quite painful... I like to read your stories where you actually DID get even! I think I will carry a sock full of dimes, concealed somewhere on my moped for just such occasions. I do have some stories where I did get even, and I will post them... comming soon.


Re: standing up for moped rights

mike hartel /

MAN i hate when kids think its funny to take crap and put it in your path.Now i carry a puch seat post.

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