Batavus carburators


I have a '77 batavus hs50 moped .It doesn't go that fast , maybe

15mph. I've put new points (gapped and timed to spec), timed,

cleaned out carburator and air filter, checked and cleaned out

any carbon buildup and just all around tweaked it and I have

gotten results for my efforts, initially it would only barely go with

my feet pushing it. What I'm wondering is which carburator I have , There is a 52 jet in it , which would be a normal jet for a 25mph s8A carburator or it could be a break in jet for a 20mph

s23 carburator. The moped has 2000 miles on it and the odometer still seems to work. So is there any definitive way to

tell which carburator I have.

Thanks Lin

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