Good tires?

Anybody know of a supplier of good tires? Good as in better traction. I ain't too worried about wear, I wanna be able to stop. Some old bitch pulled out right in front of me a bit ago and I slid about 20 feet. And, no, she didn't even LOOK in my direction. It was all pretty cool since I nor my bike got banged up, but I'd like to stay that way. If i find a better grade of tire, I'll have some new "stock" tires for sale soon...

Eyes wide open,


Re: Good tires?

Ataristyle /

I also would like to get some different tires for my moped. I would like something that handles better in the rain. I'm using the stock tires(slicks) that come w/ a Tomos Targa LX. I heard that "Cheng Shin" tires are supposed to be very good. They sell those at example (B)

I wouldn't know how good they are for stopping on dry surfaces. I also had a situation like yours. I was going about 30mph down a side street and was coming to a street that has a stop sign for people turning or going straight. I did not have a stop sign. I saw the lady pull up and stop. I got ready to brake just incase she pulled out in front of me. She started to pull out and I slammed my brakes on. I could hear the tires screeching against the asphalt. The lady got nervous and stopped in the middle of the road. I was about 5-10ft from her car. I followed her to home and when she got out of her car I started to yell at her. She said she was sorry. She also said she couldn't see me. This lady looked over the age of 65. I told her to be more careful and watch out. She said she couldnt see me because I was dressed all in black and my bike is also black. I always drive w/ my headlight on and told her that. The time it occured was in the afternoon when the sun was setting. This is a bad time to drive since the glare from the sun can get in your eyes. Always drive defensively and be alert at all times! Drive as if no one can see you because most people can't.

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Re: Good tires?

I bought some tires from MopedWarehouse and told him what I was wanting from a tire TRACTION, he recomended a soft compound name brand that looks and works fine...good price..under $20 Doug

Are you my twin?

Damn dude, you sound just like LX and i wear black most of the time...couple of regular old Hell's Angels, ain't we. I stripped all the "western flyer" style stickers off the tank and covers. I'll either do a freaky blue to silver fading flame-job or just put some Harley stickers on it. Dumb asses around here won't know the difference. I figure I'll tell them it's a european model made in Switzerland or something.

And yes, ya gotta burn the headlight ALL the time. And on high beam too. Low beam is about 3 candlepower.

Rippin it out in NC,


Re: Good tires?

Reeperette /

Yep, Cheng Shin, all the way.

With a set of Cheng Shin Interrupt tread, brand new...on a 1989 Tomos Golden Bullet doing 33mph, I pulled off a Panic Stop in about 8 feet.

Can't beat that - get those half-slicks off, ANYTHING else will give you better stopping distance.


PS- FYI, Panic Stop is a total lockup of both brakes, while canting the front end 20 degrees left and slamming your left bootheel down to stablize - you don't go right unless you really LIKE the taste of some parked cars rearview mirror.

It's a handy trick to learn.

Maybe I am Lane

Ataristyle /

I left most of the decals on my bike but took some off. I plan to put an "Atari" logo(three lines) on each side of the gas tank soon. It will be out of white vinyl so it would match the other bikes decals. I'm also thinking about putting a big Atari logo on the back window of my S-10 Blazer. Too bad you didnt live close to me. We could form our little Moped Gang here w/ something like 'only black mopeds.' Its pretty lonely here not having anyone to ride w/. My friend asked me if I was driving my moped yesterday. I told her no. She claims to have seen someone riding a moped in the right lane. It was a black bike w/ the guy having a black helmet on. I asked her several times if it was a Moped. I already showed her pictures of scooters and motorcycles. She still says its a moped. If I ever see someone driving a moped I will pull up next to them(if riding the same direction as they are) or flag them down if coming towards me. I would like to see what they are riding. Not too many of us out there. Mostly motorcycles here. Maybe I'll find someone soon...

Re: Maybe I am Lane

Reeperette /

Yannow, just out of the blue...the word ATARI, was originally selected as the company name by Nolan Bushnell (the guy who invented both Pong, and the Atari Corp) - cause he plays a game called "go".

Apparently it's a foreign word that means "Prepare to be attacked".

Just cause it came to mind in a slightly drunken haze....


Atari Rocks

SteelToad /

If you have a Spence's Gifts store anywhere near you, they sell the old white on

blue Atari logo t-shirts. I just bought one a little while ago for a friend.

Proud former owner of a pong game console, 400, 800, and original game system.

(paid 38 bucks for Air-Sea Battle, if that dates me)

Re: Atari Rocks

Reeperette /

400, 800, 2600, 5200 (mint, still-in-box), 7800 and the Jaguar - and every conceivable option for em, save for the Starpath Superchager for the 2600, which played games loaded via cassette.

I collect older Console systems, as a hobby.

Bushnell sold Atari for like, $18Mil, I think, and bought out Chuck E Cheese for half a mil, leaving the sodder with $17.5mil in pur profit - lucky sodder, but all in all, he was the founder of modern video gaming.


Re: Atari Rocks

SteelToad /

A little off topic here, but ever play M.U.L.E (from electronic arts)

Do you have the OmniMon for the 400 ?

Re: Atari Rocks

Ataristyle /

Seems like everyone likes Atari here...I know this also is a little off the topic also. I would like to get that supercharger. Would be a nice device to have. I have some rare of Atari games(roms) on the computer that I dont for my 2600(wood grain). I collect systems and video games as a hobby too. Right now I'm working on getting a Neo Geo Home Cartridge system. I would eventually like to get a Neo Geo 4 slot MVS Arcade Machine. Systems I have:

Atari 2600

Atari Lynx(Best handheld by far!)

Atari Jaguar

Atari Jaguar CD

Nintendo w/ original box

Nintendo 64

Virtual Boy

Sega Dreamcast

Sega Genesis

Sega 32x

Sega Saturn

Panasonic 3DO

Systems I sold:


Sega Game Gear

Sega CD(want to get another)

Super Nintendo(want to get another)

Playstation 2(sold to a friend)

I would like get as many different systems created but I wouldn't just waste it all at once. Over time I should get a lot collected.

Collect and Play!

Swarm and Destroy!

Re: Atari Rocks

I still have an Atari 2600... The most pissed i been in my life was when i gave my nephews a 2600 and some games...a year later my sis-in-law sold it all for about $20 in a yard sale. Gotta love those in-laws....

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