Yeh i was wondering if there are shift points on tomos targa s.On my 98 it feels like i have to red line it in first to get it to go in second . IF there are can you tell me where and how to adjust them

Any ideas aprecciated


Re: Shifting

Ataristyle /

Possible that maybe the 1st gear clutch is worn down? Mine '98 Tomos shifts at 15-20mph...seems like once I've been driving alot it wants to shift at 20mph.

Swarm and Destroy!

Re: Shifting

frito bendito /

your clutch might be worn down,but i got a 80cc dirtbike and it's a 6 gear manual shift and i do the same thing to switch it, i let it rev up to where i think it needs to switch and i switch it. it might be fine though.

Re: Shifting

Reeperette /

After a full tear-down and re-build, my Targa is doin exactly this, and it's factory-spec plus right now....and someone else just mentioned problems upshifting, my 1st suspicion is that the A5 is badly underpowered, but let me check a few more things, how it runs with 10w30 in it instead of ATF.

(it's in pieces all over the basement floor right now.)


Re: Shifting

Its not that i have problems shifting it tis that it geets way to high rpms its like on a motorcycle before the engine blows in high rpms 1st gear its when it shifts into second

Re: Shifting

it is suposed to do that!!!!

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