new england summer trips

hi- i tried this a few months ago but didn't get many responses so here i am again...

i am looking for a few people in the boston, ma area who want to go on a couple of day trips or weekend trips this summer- maybe to the cape and the berkshires and wherever else... anyone interested?


Re: new england summer trips

scooter trash /


If you posted a picture of yourself, that would definitely help you get responses


Re: new england summer trips



i think he knows of people in boston area who have/had mopeds. also, some people on the forum were here from around connecticut and place like that (i think?). good luck finding people!


Re: new england summer trips

Ron Brown /


Forget scooter trash, post a picture of your ped.


Re: new england summer trips

um thanks but that is not really the kind of ride i am looking for.

Re: new england summer trips

Hi Cheryl

Sure, Come with us, We would love the company, I have a QT50 and my roomate has a Vespa and Batavus we go on some long trips, You can't have too many friends with peds, Safety in numbers.

Watertown MA


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