Additional Moped Legislation

Oh boy, why can't they just leave us alone. Registration is one thing, insurance is quite another. The have to find a way to tax everything.

Re: Additional Moped Legislation

No shit, too late for the peoples republic of Minnesota, but damn they just need to relax!

Re: Additional Moped Legislation

boo hoo, its been like that in iowa forever.

now that i live in albuquerque, i dont have to worry about ANYTHING!

no helmet

no registration

no insurance


its awesome.

how is there not a branch here? riding is fucking insanely fun and there are zero moped laws. tons of blasting space, unlike say...most cities with MA branches......

Re: Additional Moped Legislation

John Joedicke /

Only a matter of time , with the economy tanking. A revenue stream from anyware helps. And get the DUI's off the road.

Re: Additional Moped Legislation

Man I just moved back to NC from Richmond.

This blows!

Re: Additional Moped Legislation

yeah back when they tried to change the Indiana law I wrote to my Senator. I don't know if it helped, all I received in reply was an endless stream of junk mail.

Re: Additional Moped Legislation

I don't see why they need to "get the DUI’s off the road". They are people just like any of us, and they need a way to get to work. When you've been lightly regulated and feel that taste of freedom, it really is a bummer to feel the shackles being put on and nothing you can do about it.

Re: Additional Moped Legislation

no groms no blasters /

You didn't stop in Sacramento, A-ko?


Insurance is a tax?

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