Puch problems

I took off my fuel switch (1980 Puch) a bit ago to clean my gas tank but then when i put it back in I turned the switch to the on position and nothing at all came out then when i put it to on nothing at all came out but when i put it on reserve it came out freely

My guess is that the reserve is sitting in the normal tank but i cannot explain why any gas at all wouldnt come out when its on 'on'

My other guess is the reserve is in the reserve tank which would explain my awful gas mileage

Is there somekinda trick to putting back in a fuel switch I know someone here has taken it out and put it back in correctly

Also is the odometer in miles or km? becuse the numbers on it go up very fast.

And the speedometer needle always sits at 15 mph it goes up but doesnt come back down..this ever happent to anyone?

Re: Puch problems


As far as the odometer goes.... sound like there is something wrong with it...

They are in miles, but they aren't very accurate. With it bouncing around at 15, it sounds to me like you have a problem with the drive unit or the gearing in the speedometer.

Re: Puch problems

Dan Danner /

lets start in ; how much gas do you have in the tank? when had the petcock out did you blow through it to see if was open? there is no reserve tank it all one tank

is the red speedo needle straight or is it bent down from time and rubbing on the face.

Re: Puch problems

Actually. There is a slight reserve. The tube on the petcock has two holes. One higher up and one near the bottom. When you kick it over to reserve, the very bottom hole is used. This was incorporated to give ya a few extra miles, just in case....

Re: Puch problems

He was just saying that there isn't an actual seperate tank for the reserve.


I'de say take out the petcock and check to make sure both holes are unclogged. If you don't feel like cleaning it, get a new petcock. They are like 15 bucks.

Re: Puch problems

Dan Danner /

if he doesn't have enough fuel to reach the top of the brass & filter ,its only going to come out of the reserve,thats why i ak about the amount of fuel, Dan

Re: Puch problems

Ok the other day i bought 1.1 gallons of gas and put half in and everytime I came home from my ride I would put some more in just to be safe but My town is very small and I would say in all I rode about 30 miles at the MOST and today I ran out of gas and pushed it home picked up the gas can which had maybe 20oz in it and put that rest of that in

So tomorow I will run it outta gas then take out the petcock

How should i clean it?

Is there any easy way that i will know i got it in correctly?

And yes i have noticed that my speedo pin is bent like toward the middle it dips is there any way to fix it?

Re: Puch problems

I'll sell you a puch speedo....20 bucks.

I know how to fix it...

This is the easy way to fix it. (Assuming cash not a limited resource.) Buy new ones anyway! My philosophy is is that if you think something may be wrong with it and you know nothing about it. Just replace the damn things. Thats what I do anyways.

Re: I know how to fix it...

I've noticed that the bent speedo is a common problem with Puch's. if you rev your engine when stopped it should work its way down, but if your looking to fix it and not deal with it (recommended) take Chris up on his offer. i don't think you can beat that price. if memory serves the Puch speedo is a sealed unit so in order to get at that little sliver of plastic you have to cut off the seal holding on the glass plate which will only open the rest of your innards to the elements, and no doubt lead to something else breaking soon. i guess you could bend it back (and hopefully not break it in the process) and use some sort of liquid gasket to re-seal it, but if i were you I'd just get a new one.


Think i figured it out

I just figured out my gas mileage problem

When i was riding it the gas is leaking from the carberator sooo bad it was spraying me in the leg and it was comming out from the opposite side of the carb as well I just realized today that i have an 86 jet with the 49cc motor so hopefully i can get some new gaskets and the new jet and get it to run right but until then thats all im going to worry about

Chris ill let ya know about the speedometer

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