Amal settings (again)

On the amal carb mixture setting... Is clockwise (turning it in) more gas or does

that decrease the gas ?

I hate carbs, maybe I should fuel inject :-)

Re: Amal settings (again)

Ron Brown /


I am not sure about your particular carb, but normally, if the screw is on the intake side of the carb slide, you are varying air (clockwise is richer). If the screw is on the engine side of the slide, you are varying gas (clockwise is leaner).

Having said that, normally you screw the screw in until revs drop, then out until revs drop and set the screw in between.

Hope this helps.


Re: Amal settings (again)

That's what I did before, and it worked great. Now that the engine is a little more

broken in, I've gone from 4oz/1gal to 3oz/1gal, and it was idling faster. I tried

this weekend to set it back down (with some success) but it still want's to run

fast, oh well more tinkering. Thanx.

Re: Amal settings (again)

Ron Brown /


I am really stupid! I told you how to adjust the mixture! (gives self big dope slap)

Turn the idle speed screw out to make it go slower and make sure there is some play in your throttle cable and the slide is not sticking and your intake manifold is not leaking and next time say "my ped idles too fast, what should I do?"


Re: Amal settings (again)

SteelToad/Ray /

Take back that dope slap, you told me exactly what I asked for (as always)

One thing for sure, the intake is not leaking. I got the wrong intake in my speed

kit. TheMopedJunkyard had to switch distributors for the intake, and the carb

end specs were just a little too small to match up with the carb. I wrapped about

10 layers of teflon tape around the carb end of the intake, inserted into the carb

mounted everything in place, marked lineup points, and then high strength

epoxy'd the intake to the carb body. The carb is never coming off the intake !!!

P.S. I normally go by steeltoad on other message boards, so I figured I would

use that here too.

Re: Amal settings (again)

frito bendito /

ok this is a stupid question to ask, how to turn up and down ur idle........ ok............ and there's no such damn thing as a fuel injected moped! and ron brown there is no intake manifold on a damn moped u idiot, it's called a air box!

Re: Amal settings (again)

From one idiot to a superior one....

The intake manifold is the piece between the engine and the carb.

The air box is the thing with the air cleaner in it.

On the side of your carb, in line with the slide and level with the bottom of it, there should be a screw with a spring on it. The tip of this screww has a tapered point which the slide rests on. If you screw it in, you raise the slide and the ped idles faster. If you screw it out, you lower the slide and the ped idles slower. Make sure you have a little play in the cable and the slide is not sticky.


Re: Amal settings (again)

SteelToad / Ray /

A few points if I may...

I wasn't asking how to turn my idle up or down, but which direction of turning the

mixture screw meant more gas or less.

If I were asking how to adjust my idle, it may in fact be a stupid question, but I

believe that is what this board is here for (I may be mistaken)

While there may not be a fuel injected moped, the little :-) in my message

after that statement was to indicate that it was meant to be funny. I don't see

why it would be impossible to fuel inject one if you had enough time & money.

If there is no intake manifold, what connects the carburator to the engine, and why

is the part listed on the speed kit

I don't think there is any need to call anyone an idiot, but I could be wrong :-)

Re: Amal settings (again)

Ron Brown /


My appologies, I was confused when I read your post saying

...and it was idling faster. I tried this weekend to set it back down (with some success) but it still want's to run fast...

I assume you have to idle fast because it dies if you you turn the idle down to a reasonable speed?


Re: Amal settings (again)

SteelToad / Ray /

Apparently, I didn't phrase the question as clearly as I should have because you

were not the only one to misunderstand.

I was just curious as to which direction of the turning of the mixture screw meant

more gas, and which direction meant more air. Your answer about which side

of the carb the screw was on made perfect sense, and helped in getting it all

back to idling normally (better than normal if you ask me)

I think when I cut way back on the oil, I think it was burning better and idling a

little better. I tried reaching through the pretty outer casing that protects the carb

to adjust the idle, but accidentally changed the mixture. By the time I realized

what I had done, I had messed them both up and had to do it correctly.

I really just wanted to know out of curiosity what I was changing. I didn't intend

for it to be this big of a deal. Thanx again for the help

Re: Amal settings (again)

Ron Brown /


Don't sweat it, your idle would also get faster just because the new parts were running in and you had less friction.

As for frito bendito, after reading his post, I really thought he wanted to know how to set his idle and the rest of his post was just ramblings.

After all, he made it perfectly clear that he was that stupid...


How many turns out?

Ray.... Take the time to go out and observe exactly where the idle mixture screw is at (the position of the screwdrivwer slot)... then count carefully as you turn it all the way in (gently)... then back it back out till it is back where it was... (like 1 and 3/4 turns maybe)

Now you have a baseline setting that you will remember.

And you can always go back to that.

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