Gearing Up

Do any of you technical types have any kind of formula that would tell me based

on the number of teeth, how large a sprocket would be. I'm thinking of making

a larger sprocket, but I think it would be a good idea to know how big it will be

before I get started.

Re: Gearing Up

Ron Brown /


If your chain pitch is 1/2', then you get 2 teeth per inch of circumference.

Circumference = (22/7) *

Diameter = Circumference



Add about 1/4 of an inch for the extension of the teeth abone the pitch circle.

Have fun,


Re: Gearing Up

Thanx, that's a big help. I'm trying to figure out how much more top end I

can get by going radical on the gears. I can't go any smaller on the back,

so I'll have to go big up front.

Is there anything I should look out for before going big on the front end,

aside from

- the obvious lack of low-end

- modifying the trans case

- moving the electronics bits

My math tells me (sometimes it lies)

current gears 27 front / 22 back : ratio = 1.227

thinking about 32 front / 22 back : ratio = 1.455

at an engine speed that moves me at 45 mph now, with the new gears would

be 53.3 mph ------ 45 / 1.227 = 36.675 * 1.455 = 53.3

Re: Gearing Up

That is if it will still pull that same RPM (with the lesser amount of leverage that a larger spkt has)... and it should come close.

Re: Gearing Up

That is based on your description of how it revs out.

Normally an 18 percent change would be too big... but you went with abore kit and pipe and head and all?

Only experimentation will tell... (or somebody elses experience)

Re: Gearing Up

SteelToad / Ray /

You guys sure are fast with the math. I hadn't even figured out that it was an

18 % change. I'm going to the local (and only) local cycle salvage place and

I'm hoping to find some sprockets 30-36 teeth. I'm going to use my 26 sprocket

as a template to cut a matching center in the bigger sprockets. I'll make sure

to let folks here know how it went. Without all of the help I've gotten here, I

would be no way as near complete as I am now with this ped.

Thanx again to everyone !!!

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