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Mike Bowden /

Any one know what oil goes in the forks for a 1982 general 5 star limited. Also haw much goes in?


Mike Bowden

Re: fork question

Reeperette /

Special stuff they call, obviously "Fork Oil" which can be purchased at most cycle shops, as fer how much, ask the clerk you buy it from.


Re: fork question

Mike Bowden /

I had gone to the shop that the moped was originally bought from but they do not deal with the mopeds any longer. They did know that it did not take regular fork oil though. They could not remeber what weight oil or the amount as well.


Re: fork question

Ron Brown /


You need to find someone with a manual if possible. The weight of the oil is not too significant except too adjust the feel of the forks. I have bikes that use Auto trans fluid, 10w40 motor oil and fork oil. They all seem to be interchangeable excep the viscosity changes the damping. The quantity is very important. Too little and the damping will not work for the full stroke, too much and you blow the seals.


Re: fork question

moped warehouse of New Jersey /

Answered this question a few weeks ago on our message board

50 cc of 50 weight oil per leg


The Moped Warehouse

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